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  1. 21 hours ago, justtracytrolling said:

    I pulled 3 of my 5 eyes today between 1030am - 1230pm...just saying


    On lakes with an alewife forage base I've found the mid-day, mid-summer, bright sun walleye bite can be incredible and is often times best from 10 to 3 in my experience.  That's trolling worm harnesses which is my preferred method but I'm sure it works with lures also.  People so often think you have to fish walleye at dawn and dusk and at night and at certain times of year it's just not true.  

  2. 1 hour ago, Chas0218 said:

    I just can't bring myself to eat bass when I can get myself some walleye or perch, the perch are on fire right now.

    I agree and haven't eaten bass in a long time but the last ones I kept were some smaller smallies from Lake George and they were pretty darn good.  Not quite as good as perch or eyes but not bad.  Talk about good I wish we had some haddock in our local lakes:lol:

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  3. I've used Fireline since it first came out and mainly use 4 and 6lb Crystal because it's easy to see and still love it with no reason to change.  For trolling bottom bouncers I run 10lb Fireline on my line counters.  If I'm casting stickbaits at night I have a spinning rod setup with 10lb Fireline because the lighter tests end up wrapping into the trebles and split rings too often for my liking.  I find with the heavier thicker braid I can avoid those wraps and obviously line shyness is not a concern at night.  

  4. Nice ones.  Brings back memories of the bass opener at Cannonsville reservoir with my dad and brother.  Every year we used to go and get some smallies and they always get so pale when you ice em down.  Pretty good eating fish when they are in that small to medium size range.  

  5. Nice birds everybody.  I got a 23lber with a 9" beard on a spot and stalk this morning.  He was strutting around with 3 hens in a field and I went way around and used a little ridge in the field that was just tall enough to block me from their view to get within 30 yards.  Once I got to where I thought they'd be 3 heads popped up and started puttin.  I had to stand up real fast and take my shot as the birds were starting to leave but it worked out.  Only the 2nd time I've managed to stalk and kill a tom in a field using terrain to my advantage.  


    2018 Turkey.jpg

  6. 8" Nils with spare blade.  Asking $350 pick up or meet only in the Albany area due to size and shipping cost.  There is some missing paint on the flighting but does not affect the performance.  Both sets of blades were just sharpened by Sharp Nils in MN and the Tanaka head runs great.  Have the original paperwork and toolkit as well as manual crank handle.  








  7. You're welcome drifting chunk herring is not the norm but it's worth a try.  Message me a couple days before you come and I can give you an update on river conditions.  I included a link to the tide predictions which is helpful but I just use an app called Tides Near Me on my phone.  



  8. For rods what you have will be fine and you really can't go too heavy. They are big fish in strong current.  I run baitrunners with 30lb braid for a mainline and 25lb floro leaders.  For hooks a 7/0 or 8/0 circle(snell them if an up eye hook)will work although I prefer to run 7/0 octopus hooks for drifting and only run circles when fishing chunk herring off anchor but lots of guys use circles and do well for drifting.  Circle hooks you let them run a bit and just tighten up with regular J hooks I hit them immediately to avoid gut hooking bass since most of them fall within the slot and have to released anyway.

  9. When the run is on and the river conditions are good I'm usually fishing stripers 3 or 4 times a week in the Albany area and sometimes Catskill for a change of scenery.  If you're launching at Dutchmens landing in Catskill it's usually pretty easy to jig some herring on sabiki rigs in the Catskill creek right around the corner from the launch up in the first hole about a half mile up the creek.  From Kingston north it's a herring game and a lot of guys also troll Kingston up to Catskill with stickbaits on riggers and do well though it's usually smaller bass they are catching that way.  The biggest bass are caught on herring, live or dead or chunked.  I would suggest that if you're used to trolling, have the gear and only have one day to make it shine I would just troll either in the channel or on the edges.  You're going to run stickbaits about 15 to 25 feet down or longline deeper divers and you should get into a bass or maybe multiple fish that way.  Fishing herring can be quite a learning curve as mentioned and half the battle can be getting enough bait to fish and you can burn up 2 or 3 hours of your morning just trying to bait up if you don't know the ropes.  If you do try that and find enough bait quick then I would just look for all the boats anchored up on what's called the "bridge run".  It's just the west side of the channel north of the launch and just north and south of the Rip Van Winkle bridge.  People anchor off in anywhere from 10 to 30 feet on an incoming but usually outgoing tide and fish chunk and live herring on bottom and just wait as the bass will often follow the channel edges as they travel.  I almost always drift live herring and do well but I will anchor sometimes depending on the bite.   If we get a lot of rain and the river is muddy don't waste your time and during a full moon the bite usually sucks also but otherwise good luck.  Catching big stripers is a ton of fun and remember you can only keep one bass under 28" or over 40" with the new slot and you're allowed up to 10 herring a day.

  10. Updated the Rogues have been sold so now I have 3 lots of lures.  


    1st group for sale are 3 Thundersticks one shallow and 2 deeps and 10 shallow kabooms and one deep kaboom most do not have split rings and all are in excellent condition asking $45 plus $7 shipping.


    3rd group is 7 shallow and deep wally divers and 8 Rapalas.  2 shad raps, 3 taildancers, one X-rap and 2 husky jerks all excellent condition asking $55 plus $7 shipping.


    4th group is 11 Tsticks shallows and deeps and one Bomber all excellent condition asking $36 plus $7 shipping.


    Will take Paypal.  PM with questions.


    Thank You,












  11. 4 hours ago, dbltrbl said:

    Vexilar with open water transducer mounted on your trolling motor. Can't beat this combo for any vertical fishing.

    That's what I do.  I have the Minn Kota powerdrive on the bow with the universal sonar and run my FL-18 through that with the adapter cord.  Just like ice fishing in the boat and good down to 200'.  

  12. You also will learn to master the snell knot to tie your own rigs and if you're bottom bouncing in zebra mussel waters you want to keep checking the line near and between your hooks for nicks.  I bottom bounce a lot in lakes with zebras and will usually have to break apart rigs at the end of the day and retie the components on a fresh setup due to damage.  It sucks breaking off a nice eye that's on the trailing hook because you're line is nicked and if you hang up a rig on rock check the hook points for rolling.  Lost a few eyes that way also.  I usually use Gammy or VMC octopus hooks.  

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