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  1. On the water by 5AM to fish for walleye. Hit the Southwest end of the lake from 20-25 fow with stickbaits & worm harnesses. Caught 2 pickerel & nothing else. :( Tried all along the west shore to the North end of the lake throwing everything but the kitchen sink. We were rewarded with 2 rock bass. :( Off the water at 3:30 & sunburned. Looks like I should stick to skipping stones.

    I fish that lake a lot and was just wondering if you had a south or southwest wind while you were there?

  2. You can switch out the releases with the Offshore OR-18's which are tension adjustable and designed to work with braid but they cost about $18 each. They're worth it if you really want to run braid on the boards. Another thing you can try is to wrap a rubber band several times around the end of the release to give it some extra tension but changing releases is probably you're best bet. Lots of guys just run 10lb mono with the boards since it's more release friendly and seems to help keep fish on the line a little better than braid due to the extra stretch factor which is helpful during that critical time when you're holding the line by hand and removing the board with a fish on the line.

  3. Your lawrance will have a basic map. The chip will be more detailed. You will not need it to navigate, but It's better to have it if your going to fish the area more than once or twice. If you don't fish the region very often, just get a paper chart.

    Thanks. I emailed Lowrance and they actually replied back and told me the bay would be on the preloaded Nauticpath charts. It won't show depth contours but I do have the large paper maps of the bay for reference. It's a trolling game up there anyway so I just need to have some trails on the GPS and be able to mark waypoints when we hit fish and find our way back out and in to the ramp at night!

  4. I have a Lowrance 26cHD and was wondering if anybody knows if the preloaded software that Lowrance puts on there has charts for Lake Ontario or if I need to get the Navionics classic chip to run on the unit? I'm heading up to the Bay of Quinte after Thanksgiving for some walleyes and want to be prepared in regards to a good picture on my Lowrance before I head out in the bay in total darkness to troll :shock: Thanks in advance for any help!!

  5. When it comes to Tica reels I have only one word : HORRIBLE!

    The break is jerking, the "knarr" (the sound when the fish run) suddenly disappear. The DaiwaSG47LCA is much better with fewer problems. A friend of mine is sponsered by Tica. And he don't want to hook a big one because of the disapointment WHEN and not if he lose it.

    The best reel I've ever tried is the Tekota and even if the price in Norway are high $556,76 we baught 4 back home, before ordering 8 more from fish307. And the quality of the Tekota is worth every norwegian crown or american dollar!

    Well I certainly agree with you on the Tekotas as being the best trolling reel I own and have tried but I also own 7 Tica's, 4 Seaspirits and 3 Cetus's and they've all been flawless as well even under the rigors of icefishing. I certainly wouldn't describe them as horrible by any means as they've never let me down yet in fact they easily compare to my Shimano's in the quality department IMO!

  6. On another note, I fished my first Tekota this year. I think there drag is far from perfect. When you tighten ot loosen a Penn drag, as soon as turn the drag, it is etiher tight or loose. You don't have to strip out 3-4 feet of line to get it the drag to adjust, llike with the Diawas, okumas, and Tekotas (and Ticas). the other phenomona that amazes me is how can you have the drag tighter than you would actually really want it with wire, and yet they still trickle out line when trolling. I don't get it.

    I have 3 Tekota's and love em to death from a quality standpoint but as far as the drag goes I've found them to be excellent. I guess 20" walleyes don't exactly work the drag as much as 20lb King Salmon though :lol:

  7. I am pretty much a 100% walleye troller so I don't always have a lot to add here but I wanted to share a reel that I've been using heavily for almost two seasons to pull my inline boards that costs less and is built much better than the Sealines I have. They aren't as nice as my Tekotas by any means but very nice. It's the Tica Seaspirits linecounters and they're running around $70 a pop. . The 248 model is comparable in size to the 47 Sealines and the Tica's have a microclick drag and more bearings and a much, much tighter drive system with less reverse handle play.

  8. I have two Tekota 300LC spooled with 10lb Fireline I run bottom bouncers and longline cranks for walleye with and for what you're describing I would go with the 500LC's. They would be perfect for that size mono and inline boards. Another great trolling reel I tried this year that I was very happy with is the Tica Seaspirit Linecounter. Tica makes some very quality reels and I use the Cetus's all the time for icefishing panfish and was very impressed with their trolling reels also.

  9. In early spring, late fall and pretty much always on the ice I wear my Mustang work suit which was about $370 and worth every penny to me. I fish alone at night for walleyes most of the time in late fall and I feel it's the best investment I can make in giving me a chance to survive falling out of the boat in cold water. Especially now with surface temps of about 37 degrees you won't last long.

  10. Slipbob-where are the night eyes coming from? I have never had any luck at night,anywhere-what are you using? Depth? I read all about night guys and every night I go out I come up empty...

    Thanks for any info to break the zero.......


    I'm fishing a couple different lakes up here near Albany NY! They bite best at night because the water is extremely clear and fishing during the day just gets you smallmouth bass and pike which I don't care to catch. At night I do best trolling in very shallow water of about 6 to 10ft deep and always near weeds, rocks or stumps depending on the lake. Wherever the baitfish can hide is where the walleyes come to hunt them at night. My primary method of attack at night is to simply longline stickbaits on 14lb Fireline and many sticks will work. I like the old floating #13 Husky Jerks(no rattle) and Floating 5" Super Rogues. Color makes a HUGE difference at night and you just have to know your lake and keep trying different colors until you find what they want that particular night. It varies based on cloud cover, moonlight and so on but I have it dialed in from fishing the same water almost every night. For rods and reels I use Shimano Tekota's Linecounters paired with Shimano Talora fast action 8ft medium rigger rods which work great with braid and don't overpower the walleyes. I was out again Friday night after work in the pouring rain and we did great again. Boated 6 good ones in 2 hours of trolling and went last night and did 4 more. It will be over real soon if we get any kind of ice which could happen this week because temps are going down into the teens tomorrow night and Wednesday night and hopefully we can do some icefishing this winter.

  11. ANY lake that has lakers is a good bet for leadcore. We "jerk" lead in Lake George and Otsego and just kill em :lol: Hook up some big flutter spoons and troll about 1mph and just figure out how many colors you need to get to the bottom and BANG, you'll catch lakers. The hardest part is making the transition with the line from your hand and not giving the fish much slack until you can start reelin. Many days the lakers won't touch a spoon on a straight troll too much but when you get a good "snap" going and make that spoon zip, dance and flutter they will smack it which you can only do by handlining or jerkin it! Leadcore isn't too good though if it's really deep but works good up until maybe 120' or so because you have to let out too much line and letting out and reeling in 12 or 14 colors takes a while :shock: That's why I use a Shimano Tekota 800 because it has some serious cranking power to get a lot of line in fast.

  12. Hope you don't mind me jumping on your post but I need a recommendation for a leadcore rod also. I see there are "lead core" rods out there but what should I be looking for?

    Thanks. DAN

    I really like the Cabela's Depthmaster leadcore rod which has bigger guides and the other trolling rods I tried this year that are really awesome are the Shimano Talora's and they make a leadcore model also. I'm really impressed by the Talora's paired with the Tekota's. What a great combo for trolling 8)

  13. I've got a 20 color laker jerkin setup going on a Shimano Tekota 800 and a 10 color walleye setup on a Diawa Sealine 47LCA with plenty of Fireline backing! The Tekota's are way, way better reels than the Sealine's which have a tendency to have the drag come spinning loose while you're fighting a fish. The Tekota's have a nice micro click drag with the all aluminum frame and are well worth the extra $$$$$! I'm also running a 3 color inline walleye board setup on a Sealine 27LCA!

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