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  1. THANK YOU to this years sponsors:
    -Michigan Stinger
    -Dreamweaver Lures
    -Fat Nancy's Tackle Shop
    -All Seasons Sports
    -Woody's Tackle
    -Great Lakes Lure Co
    -Steamer's Bar & Grill
    -Oswego Marina
    -Joe Woodard Catering
    -STS Guide Service *Free drift boat trip Value $400
    -Great Lakes Steelhead Co. *$100 GC towards drift boat trip
    -High Adventure *$150 GC towards drift boat trip
    -Little John's Guide Service "Free drift boat trip Value $450
    -Cold Steel Sportfishing *$100 GC towards drift boat trip
    -Rotten Rick's Meat Rub
    -A-TOM-MIK Mfg

    -Ricks Meat Rub
    -Eric Saulsbury from ITZ Pro Fishing will be donating $500 worth of UV50 Tournament shirts for the top 3 placing teams, 4 shirts each for top 3 teams, a prize valued at $500
    Over $5500 in raffle prizes and GC up for grabs, all from a $1 chance


  2. Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor expo, January 18, 19, 20

    This will be our 14th year attending

    -BIggest trolling fly selection

    -BIggest meat rig selection

    Our only selling show:

    A-TOM-MIK Copper in all lengths 200-3500

    Shirts & decals for sale

    Along with terminal tackle, spare harnesses and our trademark "2-Pack" fly body packs Exclusive at LOTSA only

    Hope to see you there



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  3. 2018 7th Annual Atommik Invitational Winners
    Team Seaducktion (attach winners) (Full results listed)
    2019 Date is set: August 10th 2019
    Free Entry 2019: Sami's Mad Sierra
    1st-181.25 Seaducktion
    2nd-171.65 Trout One
    3rd-164.25 Time Fly's
    4th-160.10 Blue Moon
    5th-158.60 Hideout
    6th-156.80 Atommik Rockets
    7th-155.20 Angling Addict
    8th-155.10 Hot Wires
    9th-153.60 Top Gun
    10th-153.60 Irish Knots
    11th-151.50 Double Treble
    12th-149.80 5 More Minutes
    13th-146.80 Thinkin' Big
    14th-146.65 Sting
    15th-143.05 Big Cat
    16th-142.60 Cannonball Runner
    17th-142.45 Thrillseeker
    18th-142.00 Royal Flush
    19th-141.60 Sami's Mad Sierra
    20th-136.60 Hook n Up
    21st-134.45 Reel Dilemma
    22nd-130.50 High Adventure
    23rd-129.85 High Voltage
    24th-126.25 Madd Kenzi
    25th-125.20 Tall Tails
    26th-124.40 Primetime
    27th-122.80 Kings Ransom
    28th-122.60 Team Atommik
    29th-112.35 Whiskey Runner
    30th-110.35 Smashmouth
    31st-102.90 Water Wolf
    32nd-101.45 Blue Eyed Lady
    33rd-100.05 Praying Mantis
    34th-98.40 The Road Show
    35th-94.10 Oh Baby
    36th-92.20 Cold Steel
    37th-81.05 Knot to Worry
    38th-75.70 Warship
    39th-73.75 Screamer
    40th-70.15 The Other Woman
    41st-61.90 Mr Tex
    42nd-57.20 Finders Keepers
    43rd-54.90 Tri-Lakes
    44th-60.85 Team Bikini
    45th-46.55 Twofish
    46th-30.25 Sammy Dog
    47th & 48th-0 Bandito III, 0 On The lam

    Invitational 2018 winners.jpg






    Invite 2018 26-50.png

    Invite 2018 51-75.png

    Invite 2018 76-99.png

    Invite 2018 top 25 b.png

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