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  1. 39 minutes ago, EsoxAC3 said:

    Very cool! Great pics. Thank you for sharing. Hoping to make a walleye trip to Canada with my son and father in the near future. Have to check out big gull.

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    kirk cove is the place to stay.very close to walleye grounds..less than 100yds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you think your going book soon..known the owners for 12+yrs

  2. opening weekend

    saturday.....launched out of the ssbl on oneida..it was lucky for me i had help..no way to launch solo the wind was howling into the launch from the ne..fishing by 6 off at 1..2 guys 4-7 on eyes ..8 smb..10 perch...1 pickerel...the wind was insane ...sunday me going solo.on the water at 545 till noon.1 18in eye..couldnt find any active fish...and so long 4 now;john

  3. owasco 4-9-2017

    spent the day tring to find big perch..found school after school of 8 in perch.6 hrs of effort for 13 perch over 10in..checked water depth from 12-40fow..couldnt find the big ones..they got to be there!!! game of hide and seek....and so long 4 now;john

  4. fished from 7am till 3pm[friday].12-48 fow..most fish where caught in 40ft ranges all on minnows.just  north and south of  the boat ramp...33 keeper perch..[that many more+ tossed backed]...dozen + rockies...and 7smb..couldnt find any slobs butt way better than work.and so long 4 now;john

  5. yes i know i spulled it wrong it was on porpoise.going to hit the skinny tomorrow with minnows.in and around the country club..mabey start in 18fow,,run some camera till on find some? or should i just blind cast into the weeds till i find them??and thanxs in advace..so long 4 now;john

  6. fished from 7-1030pm 12-32 fow using stick baits.zero for zero,couldnt find the bait or the fish,,but my bride has never seen otisco at nite and she really enjoyed looking at the milky way..and so long 4 now;john

  7. Fished from 545 am -1015 22-40fow using minnows.caught 1 slob perch half dozen keepers 1 smb.6 rockies and lost a few..very few boats out fishing.only saw 3 at north end..water is very shallow.a good 2 ft lower than it should be. And so long 4 now.john

  8. 445am till 930am..10=26fow.blades jigs and dixies..1 walleye and dozens of gobies..the little bastards are even striking plastic worms on a dixie,,at 1 point a caught 11 gobies on 11 casts in 14fow..even tried my honey hole and caught nothin butt gobies,,to say frustration would be a understatement..the boat traffic at the ssbl was crazy,standing room only at 10am..and so long 4 now;jojn

  9. 1 hr north of kingston ontario..5 days 4 men 2 boats.20+ eyes 4 over 6lbs,dozens of smb and rockies..sunnies 8in across..knot my best year there butt a good time was had.ate like a king and drank like a pirate..stayed at Kirk Cove for my 12th year..good people there..and so long 4 now;john


  10. 515am -1130.3 men.10-30 fow.jigs and blades.4 eyes [2 toss backs] 3 sheep.2 sunnies .2 many gobies to count..for having zero wind knot a bad day..and so long 4 now;john

  11. fished from 530am till 1130am.8-35 fow.14 eyes for 3 keepers 1 perch and 1 white perch. 2 many gobies.....jigs .blades and worm harness..couldnt find the bigger females..knot many boats out of ssbl either.surprised how little boat traffic there was.wind was crazy when it swung to the south east..and so long 4 now.john

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