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  1. Took my partner out in the wind..made 1 pass and caught 5 fish including a 21.75 eye...he asked to move to calmer seas..the wind still blew but the waves didn't scare him( it was bad).finished the 3 hour day with 14 fish...and so long 4 now:johnIMG_20210730_114108196_HDR.jpgIMG_20210730_114156645_HDR.jpgIMG_20210730_114803940_HDR.jpgIMG_20210730_121344394_HDR.jpgIMG_20210730_125414952_HDR.jpg


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  2. south shore,find the 30 foot break as you leave the launch[btidgeport] mabey 1 mile north,follow that east to lake port bay and repeat.5 lines on boards,1st board starts 10 ft down,3 ft more on the other boards 13 16n19 20,,,stay between 28 and 35 fow..good luck,and s0 long 4 now'john

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  3. No pics butt did good once we found them.30ish fow on perch stick baits.15 eyes and a perch between 2 guys.had a few technology issues.the bass holes lived up to their namesake.we had more than 2 boats buzz by us less than 30yds..zero respect....and so long 4 now..john


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  4. Sorry no pixs today,,6am till noon15-24 fow,black and purple jig with a worm got 1 perch 1 slime dart 4 keeper eyes and 1 toss back,missed more than I caught,,crazy weather made keeping on active fish a challenge,,and so long 4 now;johnFB_IMG_1608582410842.jpeg


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  5. a short ,i was tied up to the launch[on the Right] after waiting my turn to exit the water for the day,,the DICK let his fishing partner off on the dock[they were pre fishing for walleye weds} to the left of me ,which normally means that where you intend to leave the water from,there were other boats waiting to exit the water.his partner beat me to the ramp by 30 sec,,no big deal.until they proceed to take up the center off the ramp,blocking me from getting to my craft.so far so good,total douche move but whatever,i sat in my truck patiently waiting my turn to use my side of the ramp as there was zero room as he was occupying both lanes..as Dick was lining up his boat to his trailer he bangs into my boat..the wave action was light just piss poor driving..so i exit my vehicle and say nothing just watch,,Dick finally gets his boat onto the trailer[true armature hour} and as his partner in crime pulls away he chirped something that wasnt a apology..ive been doing launches for 30+ yrs and have never witness such a dick move..

  6. 6am till 1130 3 keeper eyes,2 toss back ,lost 2 at the boat and missed a few,1 keeper perch,1silver bass and 1 sucker,,all in 12-15fow,black and purple jig,,,QUESTION,,,,,I had a charter. Do a serious dick move at the launch,should I call him out to save clients misery of hiring him?0602210701.jpeg0602211256.jpeg


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  7. Congrats

    Finally first time this spring I got into more than one or two eyes at night shore Casting Otisco. Including my biggest one this year 29’3/4 so close to 30!.. Full moon..the alewives were in full force..blow ups everywhere...felt great why I love Otisco at night in the spring. Went 4/5 On sliver blade bait and 1 on Keitech Swing Impact. Saw quite a few other guys out. Be cool to see how other people have been doing. I didn’t notice any other hook ups. Top fish is the 29’

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