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  1. 9pm till 1am 1 rock bass.saw 2 eyes caught from shore casters and none from the half dozen boats in the river...trolled around harbour for an hour and nada,,but it was a beautiful nite!!!!!!and so long 4 now;john

  2. on the water by 530am.fishing partner with the second cast of the day landed an eye!!!for the day 3 guys 5 eyes 1 perch over a dozen pickerel all in 12-18fow.. and so long 4 now;john



  3. was on the water by 545am..between 3 of us we had 4 eyes in the boat by 7am..the wind shifted and that was that...for the day we landed..4 eyes 2 perch,1 smallie.1 largemouth a catfish.1 bullhead and a sunfish...plus 20 pickerel landed and many more lost..we caught lots of fish shallow.14fow or less no fish between 20 and 26 fow,,, and so long 4 now;john





  4. this just smells fishy..as i know either parties involved it seems odd that 2 guys would break out a can of whoop ass just for giggles... especially if they are guides..granted i paintin with a broad brush but normally guides are fairly laid back,and to do this and then run??????..if what bambam says is true these fellows would be all ready arrested as they are a known entity....soooooo somethin is missin....hope mr bill recovers well and enjoys fishin again..and for the perps....if anything they should be charged with assualt and made to do 1000 hrs community service on the river durin the months of sept oct,nov.march and april.. pickin up trash[mabey they will find some in the mirror]..just my 2 cents...and so long 4 now;john

  5. caught over 50 perch this mornin the action was almost non stop!!!didnt matter where on tried i found perch..............the only problem is they where all 8in and under,,couldnt find a school of big fish anywhere..fished from shore and the day was great..little cool and 7am but by 11am it was very nice....had the rr bridge all to my self..and so long 4 now;john.


  6. ok ill admit it im not the sharpest crayon in the box....so with that out of the way...how do you use these with a clip???if you set out 100ft of line then attach the clip behind the pinch point what stops the torpedo from free fallin when you add another 40 ft...what am im missing????is the ar clip suppose to pinch the line?????this is all new to me..ive used dipsys and jets ...these torpedos look good but how do the clips come into play???/ and so long 4 now;john


  7. fished out of verona st pk 630am till1230 25fow 7 large perch [12+] and 1 pin pike .couldve caught more but was usin large shiners for walleyes.be back tomorrow for some yellow gold!!!and so long 4 now;john

  8. nice eyes!!all most makes me want to put the bow down and just fish.between football ,tasty animals ,and fishing work just has to go!!mabey ill get lucky this year and fill my tags by thanksgiving and be able to make a trip north

  9. mother nature needs to cooperate,then go deep,around mays point,some years they really crush them.check ice shanty.com the guys on ther are fairly liberal on the in fo they give;hope this helps and so long 4 now;jojn

  10. the wind was rough blowin sse makin perck fishin tough but i got 15 keepers and well over 20 rock bass,had to move to lose the rock bass.also landed to small mouths,all fished caught on live crayfish in 12-15 fow in and around burtis point.and so long 4 now;john


  11. 1st time out in almost 2 months.was jonesin real bad.thought id give from mosquito point to the railroad bridge atry.trolled all the way up and drifted back for nothin,marked fish in the deeper holes but no takers.now that i can fish more often hope to get onto some eyes.and so long 4 now;john

  12. the only luck ive had on otisco is after midnite whish i way too late for me now.something about turnin 40yrs old has but a stopp on fishing till3 am.but if you go way late troll rapala using electric motor around footprints resturant.rainbow or silver and green.good luck and so long 4 now


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