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  1. oneida idea.leave the south shore boat launch head ne. towards lakeport in front of fremac marine in 32fow try jiggin a red and black jig or a 2in mister twister.if that fails go alittle further east in front of wilson point and try in 28fow.lots of rocks and close to deep water{40fow}good luck and so long 4 now;john

  2. spent last week up at big gull lake in oh canada[2+hrs over border @ a bay crossin]4 guys 22 walleyes between us.the weather was terrible with rain and cold wed thru saturday with only very brieff sunshine on 2 days other than that rain and wind,the wind blew from 3out of 4 direction usually all 3 in the same day.we caught all males and most of them still had sperm sacs loaded and ready to fire!!fished from 4 to 40fow very tough fishin but it was better than work;and so long 4 now;john





  3. launched out of the marina and fished all the points goin south,caught one catfish on a sassy shad.fished the state ditch in and around the bridge for a couple of hours 2 more catfish hit on blade baits,trolled from bridge to lake 1 shad.so for the day 6am to 11am.3 cats and a shad,no eyes or toothy critters.and so long 4 now;john

  4. my bunk trailer is starting to annoy me.i trailer my boat all over cny and the constant on -off is startin to take a toll on ME.if you bought these to you recommend them??or just suck it up and crank on that winch!!and so long 4 now;john


  5. Fish constania on Oneida lake, 6am-11am. Three guys 10 eyes 6 perch 3 drums 1 silver bass. All fish caught on a jig and worm. And so long 4 now :)john


  6. was in constantia @6am what a great mornin,the fishin suxx foe me but my fishing partners both limited out while waitin foe me to catch an eye.had one eye on and lost it at the boat.fished from 8-24fow 6am through noon.my partner eyes where caught with a worm and jig.try again tomorrow and so long 4 now;john


  7. hey bosco;believe it or not ive fished oswego 2 in the previous few years friday-sat mornin and had NO competion in the river.a few boats around the harbour walls.nobody fishes it openin nite until after they read this post.ive made plans to go to oneida.but i should be on oswego 5-8-2008.ill post and let you know;and so long 4 now;john


  8. fished the island in front of borios and brewerton marinas then from

    brewerton to the river and the lock no fish,not even a bite.the lake was white capped by 9am fished the above.the river was fling with current and couldnt buy a bite by the lock,fished with minnows and artificials.and so long 4 now;john

  9. and your doin exactly what at this moment.kinda callin the kettle black.unless of course you own the office window you are lookin out of,and if thats the case nevermind

    I don't mind paying the extra 10.00 for the license. After all we have an awsome fishery here in NY. Where else can you go to experience the diversity of species we have. What sucks is that the non-resident increase will be too much to bear for some folks. It just doesn't seem fair to the charters and the guides who promote the fishery and depend on it for their lively hood. They will bear the burden of reduced client participitation as well as repeat business losses. I'm sure this will get worse in the future, after all it's New York. I work in Albany Monday through Friday at the Empire State Plaza and you folks would be appalled to see the waste that goes on here as well as the deadbeat state workers that really do nothing to earn their paychecks. As a matter of fact, right now outside my office their are 4 men watching 2 men work. It's the NEW YORK WAY!!
  10. forgot to add that there was also no one fishing at all.very odd.mabey 6or 8 people at northport, annes point and mabey a dozen at the narrows,ran into team quinte at the narrows thursday noon and they where packin up.shouldve followed them around like a dog i guess.well it was better than work. BUT FOR THE YEAR.i went twice early feb and late feb,punched over100 holes and have no eyes to show for it,is it the fishery taken a dive with the natives[indians] harvesting all the walleyes they want,or just a poor year??and so long 4 now;john

  11. 7am till 11am,25-35fow,lots of dinks 50+ no keepers[9+] every hole showed fish and the dinks would hit everything,very windy so i didnt move much but didnt hear of anyaction either.the bay is in great shape for walkin though.and so long 4 now;john

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