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  1. spent last week in big gull lake.1 hour nw of kingston.the fishing was ok.caught most of the eyes in 20fow or less off of points and islands.most took jigs and black mister twisters.spent saturday tring new areas and techniques.a few northerns caught and a story of a lifetime on a muskie that was not landed but was caught 5 times!!.5 days 4 guys35 walleyes caught/not bad but we worked hard for them.if any body wants more info ill post it on this thread.and so long 4 now;john

  2. fished started biting early and never stopped ,caught eyes from 6-18fow all on black jigs over rock piles .my fishin partner got skunked but we managed to limit out on the eyes.lost 2 at the boat and had many more on.my partner got takin to school today!!all the stomachs where empty so the feedin is about to start heavy!! saw many schools of minnows too.withany luck ill be back on oneida friday!!

  3. it may sound stubborn but,after 2 walleyes on green raps all three poles got green raps.size 14,jointed.good luck.as for the 3 guys in the drift boat.not very friendly and didnt want to answer why he had no light.he was catchin fish but had no brains

  4. fished from 9p till 2 am.caught 3 eyes lost 2 more.river is very high and fast!!the eyes all hit green jointed raps.didnt mark many fish but the action was good.also if your goin to use a drift boat invest 10$ on a light!!damn near hit him trolling @1mph!!

  5. got on the water around 6:30am fished till noon.lots of small perch caught only 3 keepers.saw no action on big fish..lots of boats out.met a fisherman @the dock he got 30 keepers in 30fow.deeper than i thought they would be!!for the 1st day out it was still better than work,and so long 4 now

  6. did ok today but ran out of bait!!6 jumbo perch 1 18in walleye 6 pin pike and lost something huge!!!took half the day to find pancakes but once i did the fishin was good.lots of fresh water shrimp i the perch's mouth which is good !!find the pancakes you'll find the fish.goin out monday after employment.and so long 4 now

  7. some action with mr crappie yesterday on the seneca river.nothing special but caught around 40 kept 20.all on fat heads in 10 fow.suspended between 5-7 fow.now im torn between ice or no ice.this global warmin stuff is amazin.suppose this also happened in 1938 or somethin.i just hope this isnt a trend.and so long 4 now

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