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  1. no joke its alot of work to keep the kid on fish,rebaiting,resetting the bobber stop a hundred times, trying to dislodge hooks swallowed,cutting lines,retying,but man is it worth it,,the smiles and the bonding,,it makes me smile on the inside...and so long 4 now;john

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Pequod1 said:

    Thanks. I’ll try something simple like Conesus, bobber worm, next year.

    Give Owasco a try.  I was there yesterday and there were a lot of fish right in front and a little west of the entrance in 28’.  Huge sunfish and 9” perch.

    that wea my plan,,it used to be a amazing fishery at the fronteac island,im sure the colony of cormorants that has set up shop has something to do with the change of habitat.also the lake was pea green algae slime.very odd,good luck fishing.and so long 4 now;john

  3. 10 minutes ago, Pequod1 said:

    Nice job. He knows how to take a picture for sure.  My grandson is 1 1/2. How old was your grandson when he first started going? I started putting my grandson in the boat this week, and he heads straight to the steering wheel!

    3yrs old,in my humble opinion the child needs to know the true meaning of yes and no,my partner has a twin and it was fun trying to keep 2 3yrs inside the boat rails when there are butterflies flying around,,good luck,and so long 4 now;john

  4. thank you 4 sharing,are you certain the drain plug was in? thats alot of water,it sounds like the correct theroy on the capsize,as to what you hit?? its a huge lake,a dock,logs a small capsized aluminum boat..its all most endless..again thanxs 4 sharing;and so long 4 now;john

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