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  1. I've seen a bunch of stupid stuff from drunken boaters out here on lake champlain. They should be on the water checking. It's not a real inconvenience, you stop they make sure you are not drunk and you’re on your way again in about a minute or two. Cops are out to make our lives safer not to harass us.

  2. will do yankee we always seem to be around you at some point during the tournys so i'll see what i can do on the east end.

    i'm putting a slide show together of the pro/ams and the oswego scotty this year. Just thought i'd share a few pictures...

  3. Thursday we get on the water around 1. We quickly hit a coho in front of port and then nothing for a couple hours so we headed out deep and had nothing to show for it. By the time we got back into the 120’ mark we were 2 miles west of johnson’s creek and the screen lit up. We quickly boated 4 fish at or over 20lbs in a half hour and figured we had our spot for the weekend.

    Friday we met up with greg (pleasure unit). We headed west of port and wanted to give one quick trip through our numbers to make sure the fish were there. Well we didn’t even get a hit. So we continued to troll down to the silos. The screen looked good but we couldn’t buy a hit. At this time we made the decision to run back to our numbers and hit it up one more time to see if we could get anything going, then run east to sandy and see if we could get into some fish that legacy did the previous week. Well we did one mid teen at our numbers and then ran east to sandy where we hit a small 8lb king. Still not satisfied we headed back to johnson creek to see if we could get any browns. Where we ended up with a small steelie, then had to head in for the captains meeting.

    Saturday- With a less then stellar prefish day on Friday the team wanted to head west to olcott where a few buddies got into some decent numbers Friday. However I was able to complain enough until the team gave in to head back to our spot from Thursday, which ended up being a good move as we hit fish all day, just inside our spot on thursday from 75 to 90 feet. Unfortunately, we went 7 for 19 which would come back to haunt us but still had a great day. As the 5 color core consistently fired until they both finally broke. After day 1 we were third.

    Sunday- was a different story we couldn’t buy a fish at our spot so we headed east to sandy were we hooked up with 5 lakers. After the first one we decided to bump up the speed to see if we could get kings to hit and we just continued to hit bigger lakers. So we headed into weigh-in with 1 fish and dropped to 6th.

    All in all a decent weekend in tough conditions. Greg it was nice meeting you and we greatly appreciate you observing for us. See ya’ll in Oswego.

  4. where abouts in champlain do you fish? i'm from plattsburgh and get out from time to time to do a lil trout or for our pathetic salmon population. There seems to be a few of us from lake champlain area, i usually only post reports about lake o when we head out there along with various other things but i'll start posting reports once we get the boat out here, it would be nice to get a few us to report whats going on locally.

    Tom, new york and vermont have been somewhat succesful with the lamprey treatments however our brothers to the north haven't been doing there part. DEC has noticed recently that small streams have now become over run with spawning lampreys now so it is difficult to stay on top of every spawning point but as you go north you do see more lampreys unfortunately. :no: We've had treatments for years and i can truly say we haven't see any problems like what happen to the walleyes last year in mex bay so that would lead me to believe theres something else that happened last year to kill all those walleyes.

  5. 400 off the original price makes the unit a steal. Don't get me wrong we fished for a year a half before we switched transducer, it worked fine at trolling speed but we like to cover ground and look for bait at cruise which calls for the thru-hull. and yes we had the sound module with it. Once you get familiar with the unit u'll enjoy it.

  6. I had the A60 on the old boat, it was a good unit but the transducer that it came with wasn't the best. The only one that i could get to replace it in time for the proams last year was the thru-hul airmar B-45, it's an entry level model but 10 times better then the transducer that came with the unit. Definitly was worth the investment.

  7. With about 9 tourny's a year from B.A.S.S and the FLW tour champlain is known for it's bass fishing...however overlooked is the very good lake trout fishing, it's not uncommon to catch over 30 to 40 lakers a day. We use to have amazing fishing for browns and atlantics too but the lampreys seemed to have taken a toll on them. There are still places you can get into the salmon and if you find them you can have a good day but they are few and far between up near plattsburgh atleast.

  8. thanks all.

    jax we basically only fish the pro-am tourneys and maybe a trip in the fall to mexico bay. although fingers crossed i'll be getting a new position at the hospital that will allow me to get out to lake o more often and then it will be where ever the fish are!

  9. Name-Matt & steve leclair father son combination

    Boat name -Oh-Baby-

    Boat make-27' Cherokee sportfisherman-

    Boat name origin- was debating what to call the new boat with the fishing team and oh-baby came out as a joke but it kinda stuck around

    Port of choice-oswego when not at the pro ams

    Years fishing Lake Ontario- matt 14 years; steve 24 years

    Live on lake champlain and call that home but we try to fish as many tourny's and the fall run on lake ontario

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