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  1. W.W.IV. the nuisance permits are given to the farmers to help control the deer population and keep the crop damage to a minimum. However they are handing out way to many, i think it's 5 per certain amount of acreage, and it's only for does and once they are filled the farmer can apply for more. That's why we are seeing such a dramatic decrease in deer. The farmers are just handing them to the people that hunt their land to use.

  2. mrhappy i totally agree with you...i was just saying that our herd was down too. Although we don't use the nussaince permits, the club across the road from us killed around a hundred does in the past two year and from what i hear this isn't uncommon. With some clubs killing over a hundred in one year. I think the state needs to wake up and stop these nuissance permit or atleast start to regulate them a little bit better.

  3. i have the cannon also. This is an amazing unit...the light sensor really helps with picking colors...and the true depth helps with the blow back...i had a fish hawk then switched to the cannon due to the info from some of the guys here...believe me i'll never go back

  4. One change I’d like to see for next year is the rule about previous charter captains being permitted only to compete in the pro-division. I only say this because my grandfather use to charter over 20 years ago. It’s obvious that the tactics used today are extremely different than they were in the 80’s. I think a change in the rule like a charter captain within the last 20 or 15 years has to compete in the pro division should suffice.

    what do you guys think about this?

  5. team southchop is now going to be team latham this weekend in the am division we are taking our crack at the fish without our captain so it should be interesting...we'll be docking at kerry's so if anyone is around stop and say hi it would be nice to meet you all...color- blue ,boat-sea fox

  6. congrats yankee the weather definitly made it interesting, i was on southchop charters met ya the first day, just a question did running 4 wires give you problems because we started to but we kept getting tangled up and loosing precious time so we said the heck with it and went with just 2 and one copper down the shoot along with our quite useless downrigger.

  7. fished the pro am under southchop charters. little bit bumpy sat but managed kings both days. 200 to 180 fow 75 to 100 down. morning bite seemed to be the key. white sd or chips with glow green flies, and diehard spoons took most of our fish. we had a tough time getting the kings to the boat but we went 11 for 26 in all. WIRES out 300 big producer. Kings are definitely there go get them! sorry forgot the camera this weekend

  8. for some reason our observer back out at the captains meeting last night, so if anyone wants to make 75 dollars and would like to help us out sunday please let me know a.s.ap. we are in the pro division so you will be able to go out on another pro boat. my number is 5185697117 thanks and good luck to all that is competing this weekend.

  9. yes we are still looking, the dates are the 6 7 and 8th of july. the 6 is the captains meeting which will be sometime in the evening and the captain and the observer needs to be there. then the 7th and the 8th is the tourny.

  10. our team is looking for an observer for the oswego pro am. we will be competing in the pro division, so it will give you a good chance to learn from some of the best captains out there. we are offering $75/ day 150 for the weekend. if interested you can contact me at [email protected] or u can call me at 518 561 5850 and we can work out the rest of the details.

  11. synergyboy10 from the looks of things my group will need an observer for the oswego tourney..we will be competing in the pro division so if your buddy is interested please let me know



  12. Ray and Shellback also sorry to hear of your problems,

    I bought the same unit as daker in my old boat and had a few problems one with the gps and the other was the unit itself never heard just what was wrong with it, but both times lowrance replaced the parts. Decided to buy the raymarine a-65 when i bought my new boat last year just because i was sick of sending my old unit in to be fixed. I like the new unit just the lowrance was easier to get familiar with.

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