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  1. Money needs to be mailed or dropped off to krenzers, we are in the process of doing a non for profit account for next year which we will then be able to do online reg, to sign up for big fish Friday stop over to captain jacks and they will have the entry forms to fill out!

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         Quick reminder to all teams, enter prior to July 3rd and you will be entered into a drawing to win your entry fee back at the captains meeting. We recognize teams want to get their bang for their buck, so we have created multiple ways to compete and win money during the week. With the help of our great sponsors we will be paying out well over 100 % of the entry fees along with offering $1000/day tourney that will start Wednesday July 15th and conclude Sunday the 19th. Also, the annual Captain Jacks shootout will take place Friday. Head on over to www.soduspointproam.com, for the rules and to print out the entry forms. We look forward to seeing you all there.
           Throughout the month we will be highlight our very important sponsors that help make this event happen. To start it out we would like to welcome back Captain Jack’s Good times Tavern, Atommik trolling flies, Krenzer Marine and new comer Pelican. As always we thank our sponsors for their support and urge our anglers to support them as well.

  3. As the season approaches I would like to remind everyone that the Sodus Point Pro/Am will be held July 15th-19th, with the 1k a day event running July 15-19, the Captain Jack’s Shootout on July 17th, and the Main Event being 18th -19th. With new sponsors coming aboard we will be putting out some exciting news over the next month. Hit up our website www.soduspointproam.com, to check us out and download the entry form.


    For our first announcement, I am happy to announce that anyone who enters the main event before June 1st will be enter into a drawing for free entry which will be drawn at the captains meeting on July 17th at the Sodus Point firehouse. We hope to see everyone there!





  4. In the end this all means nothing if Lake Erie's ice melts like normal and the warm water comes over the falls... It's not all dooms day as anglers we get stuck in the pattern of doing the same thing over and over again, last year fishing was different but the numbers were there just not in the normal areas

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  5. The tourny is July 18&19... Website is off as we are awaiting LOU's own chad lapa is creating a new friendlier site for us. Don't forget starting Wednesday July 15th we hold the 1k/ day for biggest king over 20# weighed in. Chas if you have any further questions let me know, I can reserve a dock at krenzers for you just let me know

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  6. Sodus Pro/Am committee would like to congratulate teams Screamer and 5 more minutes on their win this past weekend. The teams that placed in the money were the following:


    Top 8 Pro’s:

    1. Screamer/Atommik 2. Vision Quest 3. Cannonball Runner 4. Fishin Magician 5. Oh Baby 6. Thrillseeker 7. Atommik 8. Predator

    Top 6 AM’s:

    1. 5 more minutes 2. Hells Bells 3. Hook n’ up 4. Roll with it 5. Blue eyed Lady 6. Dipsy Ranger



    Day one was won by Krenzer Marine with a 27.4 pound King,

    Day 2 was Running Rebel with a 25.85 king,

    Day 3 was Atommik with a 31.7 king,

    Day 4 was Backlash with a 25.55 king

    Day 5 was Ridge Runner with a 25.65 king.


    We would like to thank our great sponsors who allowed us to pay out over $32,000 which is over 100% of the entry fees. Our sponsors were Krenzer Marine, Captain jacks good times tavern, Abe’s water front, Sodus point pit stop, Atommik, the Coop deck, Fowlers Marina, Arnie’s Marina, North Shore Oil, Bay street Tavern, Warren’s Tackle and Oak Park Marina.


    Also Big thanks to Rod Keyser for making the spectacular trophies for our tournament once again. Pictures don’t do these things justice as they are stunning in person.


    Once again we would like to thank all the teams who entered and we hope to see you all next year.

  7. From the tournament committee i would like to thank all the teams who participated this year... Without you guys this tournament wouldn't have been successful... We will confirm that the rules will remain the same and that the 1 k/ day will be going on next year as well... We hope to see everyone back and welcome any new teams that would like to try the pro/am format

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