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  1. For spring browns stick baits and flutter spoons both work. Browns don't like the flash of a flasher like coho's so no need for them. Lead length depends on the color and depth of water. If i'm trolling a mudline i'll keep a few as close as 40 feet back to as far as 100 some days. If you find a warm pocket that is pretty clear then don't be afraid to stretch your leads even further out to like 150. Stealth is key many times.

  2. The problem is the line, vanish is very weak for one reason or another. Hi-seas makes a great product which is less money than seaguar another very popular and very good line company. As for # test 20-25 for salmon and 10-15 for browns work for me.

  3. John i bought a few last year, you won't be disappointed. The tekotas are nice reels however the high speed ratio of the okuma's allow you to keep less slack in the line resulting in less loss fish. 500 copper was the most i was able to fit on the reel and that was with 700 of 40 lb braid backing. Another nice aspect is that okuma make wide mouth levelwinds now so now more dremel tool needed with was the major down fall of the okuma reels.

  4. Yoda, although it saddens me over the past few weeks my father and i have finally decided to try and sell our boat so we can move up in size. We have the last 27' cherokee made. It's a 2007 that we bought brand new in 2008. If your intersted let me know and i can send you all the specs and additional pictures.

    Picture from the factory


    Picture from the sodus proam


    These are some older pictures and there has been plenty of additions since these pictures.

  5. I tried emailing Yvan but it keeps saying error while sending so i was wondering if anyone knows if the dates are going to be pretty much the same for the two spring tournys and if they are set in stone yet. It's already that time of the year where i have to put in for my time off.

  6. sorry for the late post but i've been very busy at work this week. We fished the tournament with our most of our usual team with the addition of chris (irish knots). It was a pleasure to have you on board for the tournament bud!

    We got into town last friday and heard of a decent pick of fish from oswego to the salmon river. So we headed out to alcan and started an east troll to nine mile. Right in front of alcan we hook a beautiful 14.5 # coho. Then all was quiet until we reached nine mile where in 45 minutes we had nine bites! knowing that the fish were there we picked up and ran to the front of the salmon river. We quickly doubled in 100 fow but that would be it.

    Saturday: feeling pretty good about our spot we ran straight to nine mile and started to fish. One thing i found funny is that a bunch of boats must have waited around to see where each other was going because we were already set up and had out first fish in the boat when a bunch of tourny boats ran by us towards the dunes/ salmon river area. Throughout the day we stayed in the 85 to 100 fow and managed 17 hits and were able to start culling fish just after 10 o'clock. After day one we sat in 5th place with 97.5 pounds for our biggest 5 salmon.

    Sunday: knowing that we had a lot more hits than most teams we ran back to nine mile to find that our fish shut down. We were marking them still but they just wouldn't hit anything we through in front of them. We continued to work the area until 1030 or 11 when we finally were able to put a king in the box, however that would be it. Hearing that some fish were being caught in front of oswego we decided to make to move. Unfortunately the fish shut down pretty much when we got there and were only able to get two bites and only land one small king in the last hour of fishing.

    All in all it was a great weekend. Our big weenie flies took every king during the two tournament days. Our best set-ups were a black crush glow spinny with the goat pecker fly and the lake o glow fly to a white crush glow echip. These two rigs were just about impossible to keep in the water saturday as the kings definitly loved these set-ups. We fished between 85 to 100 fow both days. Dipsys 200 to 250 were best with a few kings being caught with 300 feet of wire out. Riggers from 55 to 80 down. 400 copper also took its hits and netted up our biggest fish both friday and sat.

    Once again thank you chris (irish knots) for fishing with us it was fun, and look forward to hopfully fishign with you again in the future. Also a big congrats goes out to popeye and team crazy **** you girls did a great job and deserved the win!

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