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  1. White spinner baits across the weeds and Johnson silver minnow w/ a large white twistertail trailer.......Hang On!!!


    Average pike size in my opinion for this lake is probably like 27-28". Over 40" fish are not uncommon and this lake also has a decent population of tiger musky as well.

  2. Some action from the DEC trout shocking on Naples yesterday:



    Stream was up but looking good. Fair amount of fish sampled today. Better than last year but not the numbers as in past years. All fish were dime bright and unspawned. Most fish averaged 2-3 lbs. with a handful of 5 lbers. and one 6+ lber. taken out of the first stretch of stream sampled. Should be a decent amount of fish around for the opener and following weeks.

  3. No problem Rebel! Just sharing some of the action.

    W.W.IV, Location was Braddocks Bay. PLan on getting there early if you go, for it was a mob scene yesterday with the warmer weather and the close of pike season this thursday. Not much room out there after 8:00am or so. Should be PLENTY of holes out there from yesterday....watch where you put you foot ;) !!!!

  4. ..was hot and heavy this morning. Iced 7 and lost a few more. They have their feed bags on preparing to spawn soon.

    First of the morning 26"


    A douple header....27" and 32"


    Another one of Dan's (4) for the day...


    Saw no less than 30 fish iced while we were out!!!

    All of our fish went back into the drink for another day. Reminder, the season closes thursday.

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