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  1. Last weekend was a flasher / fly bite a bit west in 80-130 Ft. If you are going out first light however, I would sniff around the river first, in maybe 30-60 ft. with a couple j-plugs in the spread. Have heard of some kings not far off the pier heads. Good Luck.

  2. The big smalley phenomenon over deep water happens every year late summer and into the Fall, not only on Keuka, but I suspect all the lakes with alewife populations. The smallies start going on an alewife binge. Wherever you find schools of alewives suspended near deep water points and dropoffs, wolf packs of smallies shouldn't be far away. I caught this, my largest smallie ever, 2 years ago over a 100' f.o.w. while jigging lakers. He smashed my tube jig about 30' down below the boat as I retrieved it from the depths. There are some trophy class smallies in there....


  3. We jigged spoons out of Branchport this morning and took 2 limits by 9:30 and lost just as many. We didn't fish any deeper than 85' fow. Many guys are overlooking the shallow fish in my opinion....

    Shout out to Guff.....missed you out there buddy !

  4. Don't neglect shallower water. We typically catch them as shallow as 40-50' fow. this time of year through May off Branchport. It is not uncommon to see 'wolf packs' busting bait right on the surface, If you see this activity, a simple cleo or crocodile will do. Kastmasters are as good casted and retrieved as they are for verical jigging ;)

  5. I have heard rumors??gotta see one from there dude. never caught one or seen a pic.... not in gtreat numbers for sure

    Its stocked annually with 4000+ fish (or last time i checked.) I have personally caught a few small ones (10-14" although not in recent years) and have seen bigger come through the ice.

  6. A note on the river.....it is STUFFED with bait right now...all species all sizes....niagaras, 4-7" alewifes, and large smelt. Casted off the pier yesterday and saw gulls picking the big alewifes out of the river. A guy coming off did 3 browns on cleos right in the river (makes sense bait=browns.) Along the pier and rocks, schools of niagaras are all over. A few smelt were caught by a guy fishing worms off the end of the pier. Everything is showing itself at once and is one of the reasons for the lack of bite recently I have to believe....

  7. Nice catch......however....please explain to me how that hook/handle gadget doesn't increase the chance of mortality of those fish ? I realize it's probably just behind the gill plate, but they start thrashing and your going to tear some cartilage, muscle, etc. in and around the gills that may prevent them from functioning properly. Not trying to be a smart arse, but I can't be the only one thinking this. I hope to be enlightened....any studies on this?

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