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  1. Close Brian there are 3... one facing the beach and 2 swimming towards the left. After spotting them I was able to make a few casts and get one to eat. They don't like to stay on the line however....


    The cast....


    The take.....


    The wave good bye... :(


  2. Hint:

    Picture was taken last week on vacation in the Virgin Islands.....big fish working the shore for bait. They aren't that obvious, but anyone used to spotting fish in the tribs should be able to make them out....

  3. The real kicker is my buddy stayed this winter to ice fish. He normally spends the entire winter in Costa Rica. He usually fished one or two trips with me on the ice and then went South. He purchased a new auger, tent, tip ups, rods and jigs. He is the one that really screwed the winter up for us!

    Stop trying to pass the buck Brian ! We have already been through this.....it was you and you alone that put us in this predicament by buying that new propane auger !!!! Thanks buddy ! LOL

  4. Yeah I saw them. not for me. Been checking the ice the last couple days. 2 pokes with the spud and i was thru yesterday . Was the same thing today. They are on 2" maybe 2 1/2" but an inch of that is weak white stuff....

  5. Correct, it is 'Robbie's'.

    I first attempted to lip a couple like bass to try and feel the strength of the fish and then got a bit braver. Let me tell you, some of those big boys i'm sure could yank your arm out of your socket if they held on long enough !!!!

    Lipping a 150 lb. class fish....


    ...And yes they draw blood....


  6. Thought i would have time to try and play around with this item. Wrong ! Instead it has been in our closet for 2 years unopened and the wife gave me orders to sell it. You know the saying: " If momma ain't happy, no one is happy !"

    So here it is, unopened in the box:

    -Digital control

    -2974.8 cu. Inches smoke capacity

    -4 racks

    -721.4 square inches of cooking surface

    -retails $200.00-250.00

    Below is a link from Cabelas with photo and more specs and outstanding reviews:


    FIRST $ 175.00 takes it.

  7. Not saying it isn't possible, but Conesus, Honeoye, and Silver lake usually aren't safe until about the second week in January in my experience. Sometimes a bit earlier, and sometimes later. The shallow bays off of Lake Ontario usually have the first ice by January 1st and are usually have good to very good pike action if that is what you are after. Might look into some of them.

  8. My wife and I just got back last night from the Keys ourselves and i can relate to your story. We too rented a boat but from Robbie's in Islamorada and fished around the channel #2 bridge. We had a 10' nurse shark cruise through our slick along with several smaller carribean reef sharks. Sounds like you had a big bull or lemon come in. Man would have loved to seen that. Awesome story. Get some pics !

    P.S. Those mackeral are Cero's. We got into them too. They are larger than the Spanish Macks and their spotting pattern is slightly different. Incredible fighters and put a steelie or king of similar size to shame.

    Good Luck if you head out there again.

  9. Some pics of our recent trip to St. Maarten. Hit the beginning of hurricane Irene our first day or two but luckily she was just a 'tropical storm' when she passed over our island....still some intense weather with some temporary flooding and minor wind damage. It didn't prevent us from chasing the local tarpon. Caught many aggresive juvenile fish that were readily taking lures for us.....



















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