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  1. Ladies and Gents

    I announced the Dreamweaver King Of The Lake Series dates at the our recent banquet but want to formally set the stage for 2017.

    First I want to thank all the participants from 2016. It was a great yr with awesome competition.

    I would like to congratulate our Lake Ontario Fish USA Overall Champion and First Time Winner Team Thrillseeker with Captain Vince Pierleoni, and Our Lake Erie Champion and Three time Winner Team Get It Wet and Captain Yvan Charrois.

    2017 dates and Format.

    $600 per team

    Lake Ontario

    Spring KOTL - St Cath - Sat April 29 and Sun 30th

    Spring King of Kings - Bluffers - Sat June 17

    Fall King Of The Lake -St Cath - Sat sept 2 and sun the 3rd

    Lake Erie

    Bud Shootout - Port Colborne - Sat July 8

    Sunset Bay Shootout - Sunset Bay - Sat July 22

    Innovative outdoors Walleye - Dunkirk - Sat Aug 26

    Banquet Yet to be determined but end of Sept early Oct

    If you have any questions please contact me @ 9056513327 or [email protected]

  2. Vinny, Your're right! 


    The weigh in will be at Bass Pro Shops Niagara 4:pm Friday April 29 and Sat April 30.  This should add excitement and a crowd which in my opinions is missing in our sport.  The catches will be transported there by trailer from St Catharines Marina.


    Please join us weather your fishing or not.


    All are welcomed!

  3. Gentlemen

    This is an update.  As of April 4 we have increased our field from last by 9,5% and we are still 3 weeks away.
    48 teams signed up and we are excited for this event to start.  

    You have a couple weeks to enter if you havent yet and lets get it to 60!

    If you have questions call me or text 9056513327

  4. Gentlemen, Finally its here!!


    I have been talking about doing this for a few yrs now and we are finally ready to launch this event.  I am very excited!!  This is new for us in the Canadian market but was very successful in our neighbouring New York State


    Mark your calendars for February 27th


    Great Lakes Trolling University and Marketplace




    We are so pumped with our speakers


    To open things up - Ron Arnold - MNR officer


    Capt: Shane Thombs - Fintastic Sportfishing - if you have never seen his presentation,,,, you should!! very impressive!


    Capt Dave Engel and Hunter Engel - Best Chance Too - Probably the biggest name in Great lakes trolling tournaments.  Impressive resume and has changed the way to fish many times over the yrs.  They are always willing to share info and keep us up to date on changes happening in our marketplace.


    Take a look at the website, posters will be up shortly.  


    *** if anyone wants a table to sell new or used equipment, we have some opening left but space is limited


    call or text 9056513327

  5. Hey guys

    I have the following electronics available

    They were all in great working order when taken out

    Lowrance lms 520c (5" color finder / gps combo)- 300

    Lowrance Global Map 5300 c igps (5" color GPS)- 300

    Raymarine RC631 ( 10 in chartplotter ) sonar separate)- 500

    Raymarine RC631 plus ( 10 in chartplotter) sonar separate)- 600

    Raymarine RL80c (10' Charplotter/sonar screen - repeater)- 600

    Raymarine L1260 (10" Sonar ) - 600

    Raymarine Raystar 120 Gps ant- 125

    Raymarine Raystar 120 gps ant- 125

    Raymarine DSM 250- 250


    Navionics - Great lakes and maritimes x2 -125

    Cmap - Lake Erie-125

    Cmap - LAke Ontario-125

    Cmap - Lake Ontario-125

    Cmap - Bahamas - Bimini-125

    Cmap - Lake worht to -tortugas-125

    Moor Sub Troll - Head , power cord and probe -250

    Lets make a deal.

    Gotta go!!

    Call or Text only please


  6. Well its that time of yr again and I am really excited about the changes The King Of THE LAKE is undertaking. After studying tournaments and where they are going its almost priced a lot of teams out of the game or at least as a fact has made guys amalgamate teams and for these reasons many if not all tournaments were down last yr.

    We are taking a page out of the saltwater sailfish tournaments and we are lowering entry fees and adding separate divisions Take a look and see there is something for everyone.

    The only entry required online is the main event. Everything else is cash at the event. We will accept cheques prior to the cutoff date. Cash will be only way to pay after cutoff date. A soft cut off will be a month ahead of each event. After this date there will be a $100 penalty until one week before the tournament which will be a hard cutoff. This is a "a la carte" type tourney. You pick what division you want to compete in.

    The Venue: St Catharines Marina (Port Weller) where they are going to release the rates for dockage shortly. We are working on a flat fee weekend, weekly and monthly. This way you can tie in other events in order save some money.

    We will have plenty of parking in the complex as well as Fuel. There will be a tent with our trailer in the parking lot just like we used to do 15 yrs ago. You will be able to bring your on beverages to the tent. We will have bbq, pop and water available during weigh ins and registration to fill void if needed.


    Dreamweaver Main Event

    $275 entry (including paypal fees)

    top 7 pay

    2 days, 5 fish per day

    Jackets for Team Members - Top team

    Plaque for Captain - Top three teams

    Novelty cheque - Top team


    Fishawk 21 and under prize

    top boat with boat 21 loa feet or smaller gets free entry into next kotl main event


    Scotty High Performance division

    $500 entry

    Pay three spots

    50%-30%-20% payout

    1 - Scotty 1116 electric downrigger - Top team

    Jackets for team members - Top team

    Plaque for Captain - Top three teams

    Novelty cheque - Top team



    $500 entry

    Total points over the Spring and Fall KOTL main events

    top 3 spots paid


    $2000 Gift Certificate from GLTS - Top team

    jackets for team members - Top Team

    plaque for captain - Top three teams

    novelty cheque - Top team


    Dreamweaver Big Fish Friday

    $50 entry

    biggest fish of the day


    plus trophy


    Sat and Sun

    one day tournament

    Must be entered in main event to participate

    $100 each day entry

    50%-30%-20$ each day


    text or call for info 905 651 3327

  7. In the effort to grow we are moving our Spring dates back on week Our tournament traditionally has been last week of April. In 2015 we will be having our event on May 1,2,3 ,2015

    We want to get this out ASAP in order to get holidays booked

    Fall Tournament will be on Sept 4-5-6 2015 (Labor Day)

    Please pass the word if you can.

  8. tom

    you're right! Kevin isn't a bad guy and this is probably a decision that comes with grave difficulty. But the fact that you think if just about the fishing in someones backyard is false. Plans have been made for a long time by many people. I can name a bunch that have to alter plans to participate. The facts are this, level playing field is correct (grid tourney discussed by many for a long time), Less Liability is correct (why should kevin put himself at harm), there are many other things in this decision that are true!! The facts dont stop there, This was discussed many times for a long time in past yr mainly 6 months, Why wait till 10 days prior to the event for this to come out. Is it enough time? For some im sure its plenty and for others maybe not. I guess time will tell but this is by no means a knock on Kevin or the integrity of the event or how hard he works at this.

  9. I spoke with Kevin multiple times since the start of this and there are multiple rule changes coming. The one about if you fish either side you and people on your boat must have both licences. The other is you can fish all open water of Lake Ontario, and I think theres another.

    I think the big issue is change and he is struggling with this. I don't believe for one minute he wants to close the border but there are some issues with going either way. The liability is not one. We could sign a waiver. Observers can be sorted out on Friday at registration. A lot of issues can be resolved but the fact remains that their are many fishermen not observers that can't cross the border themselves because of DUI convictions. That's not just for tournament fishing that's cant cross period and this yr those guys are at a disadvantage.

    Make no mistake that there is NEVER a level playing field in any tournament. I don't buy that!!!! On calm days the faster boat has it, in skinny water a smaller boat has it, on rough days the larger boat has it ect....that's why we buy what we buy for equipment. We choose to fish against local guys as competition. .

    When I hear about no com and how you might go down to make a call to your buddy, are you serious?? If you need to make that call in thin event on a one day tourney you shouldn't fish it. We have no com and it has changed our tourneys for the good for sure. But we allow guys their phones for work related and stuff that is outside fishing. We have never had an issue. Also this rule is no different than fishing with extra rods. You just dint break the rule How many guys smoke weed on board. That's tournament violation under same rule, or how about expired flares or safety stuff all under same rule. This can get soooo ridiculous.

    Bottom line is this in my opinion, it hasn't been an issue for past yrs and now need to change it. Not only change but 2 weeks before. I hear guys are asking for money back. There are some teams that are not happy on different levels and time will tell as to what happens.

    Hopefully we get it in writing soon maverick, I have asked for the same as well.

    Ps. I do want to say that Kevin is working on this pretty hard and is caught between a rock and a hard place and this shouldn't be personal. He's running a business and whatever rule changes he makes he has to live with whichever consequences come of it. Don't question his heart and desire to make this a success.

  10. Kevin

    I asked you three times about this

    Your saying my government is who is saying we're not allowed

    So your saying go at own risk ? Because your rules states we can go!

    Pacific time hit it on the head. We have qualified our observers for past yrs I think it's up to everyone to do the same if they want to go over.

    Your tourney is at he best level I have seen on Great Lakes. But now a game changing rule. This should be the captains responsibility to provide someone capable if your going over. Many teams have done this in past yrs.

    So the question is here again

    If we go are we disqualified? Are you changing your rules today ?

  11. I have asked you this question already and still waiting

    In your rules it states we can go over!

    It also states to have licences for both sides

    So if we do these things are we disqualified?

    Also if we are qualified to go over can we?

    What your saying is this has been a rule in the past, the law has not changed! Why Enforce it now?

    Many teams have fished over the border since the start of tournament and this was overlooked. In fact it was won there!

    In fact we have had to qualify our observer for 3 yrs now and buy licences for the observer coming aboard, I think the observer qualification should be on the captain bringing them on.

  12. Gentlemen

    Special announcement and add in feature.

    3pm weighin will be at the st Catharines game and fish boat ramp. The fish will be weighed in there and the prizes will be given out at monty's at 6pm at the captains meeting.

    So 3pm weigh in at the ramp.

    I want to thank the game and fish ass for helping us provide a great spot to do this and please support their 50/50 draw held at monty's

    thank you

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