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  1. Here is a shot of my rig.  17' Mirrocraft with almost an 8' beam.  Nice thing with this is the gunnels are super stout and handle tracks/riggers no problem.  Other neat thing Mirrocraft does is spray the inside of the hull with a bedliner type material.  Makes for a really quiet ride.  Had this rig for 11 years and love it.  We trailer and fish where the wind allows and pick our days on Lake Ontario.  


  2. Set up in the same spot as yesterday around noon. Crazy walleye action the first 15 minutes. Two keepers and 7 barely shorts as quick as we could get lines down.......then wind came up and was dead the rest.of the afternoon. Starting to realize that is less about lures, techniques, etc and more about the right place at the right time. That will probably conclude my Oneida lessons for the year.

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  3. Had a good day today. Out in front of South Shore Launch. Tried a 20 foot spot we had had caught perch in before. Only 6 for the first few hours. Moved out to our spot that had been good for walleyes in 26 feet around 11:30 and it was really good. Perch bit til 1 and then it was a walleye feast. Quit at 3 after being in C&R mode for an hour. Learned a few tricks today on getting the lookers to bite. Lure below was a stud today.Screenshot_20210306-174302_Chrome.jpeg20210306_170437.jpeg

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  4. We tried the north shore this evening between Cleveland and Godfrey, 30 to 40 fow. Don't know if it was us or the bite, but we sucked. One perch and some short walleyes. Marked plenty, just no interest.

    We walked out without much problem. Should stay tight overnight and be easy to get around on in the morning.

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  5. I know the lake very well from my hours of trolling out there.  Just don't know the hot spots that hold those buckets of big perch! Going to try to get out on the north side this weekend before the ice turns to mush.  

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  6. FWIW, we have been fishing in front of the island and towards the point to the West. 20 to 30 fow. Our mild success seems to be random at best. Another meals worth of filets tonight, 30 fow was best. No. 5 jigging raps in a green glow tiger deal and purpleescent has been good.

    It has been east getting out there with snowshoes, doubt you will make it out there without them with the warmer weather coming. Probably be a real mess by next weekend.

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  7. Decided to do some ice fishing on Oneida this year for the first time to try to catch a walleye.  We have 4 trips under our belt and have done decent on the walleyes and a few jumbo perch.  we are walking from the South Shore launch so we don’t get out too far.  Just been setting up in 20 to 26 feet and been doing the jigging rap thing.  Pretty random spot, usually nobody within a half mile of us.  Walleyes seem to bite for an hour around 4 PM and we have done well getting them whenever we see them on the fish finder.  Pack it up by 5:15, haven’t gotten them after that.  Not crushing them, but we had three meals of walleye and perch this week.  My son is a senior in high school this year and he has gotten into it with me and I am enjoying the tent time with him, as I know next year it will be a lot of solo trips.


    My observation is, just like any fishery, looks like 5% of the fisherman get 95% of the fish.  Love to get one of those 5 gallon pails full that I see pictures of but I think we have to put a bit more time in to make that happen.  We are persistent mothers, we will figure it out.

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  8. I was fortunate enough a couple weekends ago to have a good ending to a horrible shot. Deer made it 29 hours or ao before we found him dead. Pauline, Chris and dogs Bruno and Radar did a great job and we had tremendous help with sportsman property owners that had seen him and gave us access to their property. Last property owner actually brought him out with his tractor for me. Very thankful for all the help. Personal best for me.20201107_141141.jpeg20201107_134040.jpeg

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  9. In typical Cuomo fashion, the lake wide dredging package was an invite only bid.  RFP came out on Monday, due on Thursday.  They got two responses out of three invited and awarded to Weeks Marine, based out of New Jersey.  Would have been nice to actually have a public bid to give the NY contractors a shot.  

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  10. For reasonably price 7' blanks, Look at the Forecast SPG842, 843 ,844, and 845 blanks.  I use the 842 for spring planer rods down to 6# leader and the 845s make killer salmon rods and copper rods.  Best all-around is the 844.  Suitable for kings and browns, and lots if inline board use for walleye trolling.  I use a set of 843s for rigger rods for browns and walleyes.

    We have literally hundreds of satisfied customers using the rods from back in my building days.  They are pretty bulletproof.

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