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  1. i'll have to say almost anything on my boat loosens up with time and pounding on the lake...

    the tracks-riggers-GPS-almost everything is checked on my boat regularly

    I'll agree with the allen wrench comment...if you screw em down hard-

    i usually struggle to loosen them when and if i want things moved around

    But the opportunity to move anything i have in my tracks or remove in a short time with no permanent holes is priceless, plus its a selling point when and if you come to parting with your boat.

    Good luck with your decision!

  2. Highly recommend Traxstech Tracks.... You can get a riser from Traxstech and mount your low profile swivel base right to the riser.....Traxstech also makes a riser with the swivel top depending on what you decide to go with. they have a couple heights as well to choose from...

    i'm not sure how big the canon's are but i would believe you can get a rigger riser and rod holder in one track - the risers are approx. 6 inches at the base in the track....

    But if you can get the 18" track you'll be happier in the long run having the extra space to move or add your dipsy rod holder, etc.

    Good luck with your choice!

    Always fun rigging your boat for the first time - get as much track on your gunnels as you can after that you can switch it up anytime you want...Plus in minutes you can clean all your equipment off the boat and store easily.

    Hope it helps!

    You can also put tracks in tracks - i could only fit a 6 inch track in the Transom so i went with a riser and a swivel style and mounted an 18-inch track on that



  3. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name: Irish Knots




    Date(s): 3/2

    Time on Water: late morning

    Weather/Temp: cloudy but bright at times

    Wind Speed/Direction: s...se

    Waves: 1-2

    Surface Temp:


    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 20

    Total Boated: 16

    Species Breakdown: Browns, Laker, Atlantic

    Hot Lure: Yeck Spoons

    Trolling Speed:

    Down Speed:

    Boat Depth: 20

    Lure Depth: 5




    Great couple hours out yesterday before the winds came up....

    Yeck spoons took all but three or so (the obama, yellow banana and Green Glow alewive were most productive colors)

    other were on Rapalas (Blk Silver & the new Hot Steel)

    We fished out of a 14 foot aluminum boat with no temp but my handheld GPS said 1.7 to 2.4 - Brown's were loaded with Gobies and other bait

    The rookie with me dropped one brown at the end of our trip that was high teens.... Huge Brown, left for the next outing!


  4. Thanks it was 109 boats and some great competition and it was great to see so many younger kids and families took part

    no worries -i'm not about to lose friends over fishing.....i'm sure it happens though

    Not sure if i would consider it lying....lots on my mind one being a tourney, two being my first trip so lots of things in my head in which i had to put clients first and tourney second - as a real good friend said it....i popped my cherry

    No offense but most everything i hear going into tourney time is "you know better" or you're fishing aren't you or see how we do at weigh in......but, i guess some people take offense...i kinda laugh at it

    all part of the fun and competition

  5. We finished 5th

    The box didn't get bigger.....the fish did!!! the entire transom is a fish box so when you have fish in there they don't seem very big- when you load them into the weigh in cooler they definitley got bigger i'll admit!!! But, i was working and not paying attention to the size as much as i was trying to get my guys some more fish! I was happy for my first trip, especially for the little guy doing his first salmon as 21.7lbs!!! I also learned over the years you always try to guess low on weight of your fish going into weigh-in, i had no idea we were in that good of shape going to weigh in.


    one vs two or three..... It's tourney time you should know better!!! I could have told you none :$

    No harm meant - it was nice to once find my fish before tourney day with no boats around and have them still be there the next day!

    Especially with the amount of people in Jon's - Thanks to Jon and everyone else for putting together another good tourney for the Little Salmon River

  6. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name: Irish Knots




    Date(s): Fri - Sat

    Time on Water: 6am till 2

    Weather/Temp: sunny - breeze

    Wind Speed/Direction: west, NW

    Waves: 1-2-3-4-5

    Surface Temp: 75

    Location: Mexico Bay

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 28

    Total Boated: 24

    Species Breakdown: Kings , Brown, Steel

    Hot Lure: Yeck NBK, Die Hard (attractors later)

    Trolling Speed:

    Down Speed: 2.2

    Boat Depth: 140 - 250

    Lure Depth: 115





    Friday ran west and spent the morning in search mode for the LSRC... we found good marks with bait and fish.

    Browns to start, moved out and did some gorgeous steelhead and then we found the kings.... we did 3 over 20lbs and then headed out

    away from the pod of fish - only to keep picking up some more kings i believe we finished 10 for 14

    Saturday ran to same numbers just outside where we had did the browns friday, 2 rods in the water and probe rigger with Yeck spoon fires.

    we had three doubles with 4 kings over 20lbs and an overall good day! The bite was vicious why it was on for us - then it shut down ended the day with 9 in the box a few put back and 3 screamers that came unglued...and RJ took 3rd for youth big fish with 21.7lbs off a deep rigger down 115.....dipsies in the 300-330 range were most consistent

    Thanks to Yeck and Traxstech for their great products and support.

    Yeck Spoons

    Grn on Grn

    and chromes were best

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