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  1. Pee off the porch? Childs play! To wave at the nearest greasy handed, butt crack showin neighbor who lives up the dirt road a piece as you drain it off the porch (made of pallets) is a given. That goes for sis and the little mrs. too! Want to really impress them, piss off the roof! Remember... point it straight at them so they cant see how long your hammer is. Another tip for the fancier folks who can afford a cell phone and embrace modern technologies is to take a video of the piss stream you cut loose out of your tree stand after you whack back a few and send it to all your contacts including your mother. Budweiser is like mothers milk BTW, a true necter of the gods. If you really want your new neighbors to raise their low brows and give you the official nod which is a quick downward twitch of the head (which you will come to know as only a red neck would), you need to fill your wifes doe tag out the bedroom window before you leave for work with nothing on but your piss stained "whitey not so tighties" (cause you been running them for better part of a week)

    You already have the diesel powered truck but a "diesel fumes make me horny" sticker emblazend on the back window will make the little misses envied by all the girls at the bowling alley. Just a couple ideas for you buddy! You have promise I have to say. Maybe a educational field trip to Pharsalia to see Andy and maybe a trip to the Mcdonough general store for a slice of bologna is in order. I cant wait to come see your new place Pete. I want to put the crosshairs on that handicapped boar you have gimpin (redneck for limping) around your spread. From the ****ter window of course! Tree any three of these suggestions which can be considered a redneck tri-fecta Pete and you will have every redneck, purpleneck and even the patriarchal MAROON NECKS given you the welcome nod as you pass by them doing 90 on the hard road into town

  2. I see Wrights Landing will now install bubblers around your boat if you plan on leaving them in all year. Tony and Rob (A.K.A.) ADDICTION were the first to have them installed. Just in time for the upcoming "winter" season. Maybe Tony can spend Christmas aboard the ADDICTION. :lol: By the way Rob, make sure you unplug your shore power cord BEFORE you pull away from the dock. :rofl:

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