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  1. Lake Ontario water levels usually peak around Memorial Day then drops. Look at JD post chart. Aug and Sept water levels are lower than levels this time of year. LO trib water volumes have little effect on lake levels. LO water levels are primarily controlled by the locks on the St Lawrence. After the last few years super high water you have no chance to slow the water releases, Bottom line late summer will be worse
  2. DEC has been trying for decades with Federal $ and fish to get these reestablished in LO along with lakers. Returns have been very skimpy to say the least. it is thought that most run out to the Atlantic Ocean and never return. My feelings are save the money and add numbers to pacific salmonids and BT
  3. Just talked to R8 Fish Manager. They clarified original closures of business' at boat launches. Since DEC sites don't charge for use on their launches they originally said they would stay open. Today they changed their minds and said they are closed. As for Sandy Creek as soon as the Town of Hamlin can lock the gate it will be closed
  4. I been looking at the fishing reports. It has a lot of pictures of kids holding fish. They all have big smiles. With schools closed and sports and other entertainment stuff closed lets hope there is more family bonding. We need it. Icing on the cake would be that with more free time on our hands that it gives us time or more time to read. A good starter would be the Holy Bible.
  5. yes but two months less of high nutrient food. they will be smaller and survival will be less.
  6. Vortex 3-9x40. several models available depending on what you want to pay. Super bright. unconditional guarantee. Use to be nothing but Leuopold. Not now
  7. Do you tie your braid directly to the diver or use a swivel?
  8. Like new. 12 ga. 1000 wads 200 empty shells powder measurers. New $650 asking $250. Rochester area pickup
  9. I fish a 16 footer with my brother. we use 2 riggers 2 wire divers and either 2 leads ( 1 color,3 colors or 5 colors) on inline boards or a 7 color or 10 color down the shoot. Since you're alone with a 3 rod limit i'd use 2 riggers and 1 wire diver. The diver catches more fish than lead over time
  10. Each gun has it's own identity. Buy three kinds of ammo and shoot 5 shots of each on separate targets. Which ever groups the best go with that ammo
  11. Well to get back to the start of this thread, where are the returning salmon? My credentials is that I worked in DEC fisheries for 35 years and fished Great Lakes steelhead and salmon since the mid 70's. I started in Michigan tribs but found the jewel of the Great Lakes called Salmon River. I was on the river 25-30 weekends between Labor Day and the spring ESLO at the end of april. My lake fishing was just to fill in in my off season. Then the resident landowner screwed up the right to fish navigable waters. About the same time as DEC and Ontario cut stocking numbers and the catch dropped. I got spoiled with the reduced numbers of fish and rarely walk the streams any more. I'm left to just lake fishing the lake now. Its Oct 1st the peak of the salmon run isn't until around Columbus Day. Salmon will run earlier though if there is a rise in water levels ( August if they had a tube race) not primarily water temp. We had that on Salmon River with daily raising and lowering of water releases for hydroelectric generation. Then they messed that up with a constant slightly higher than low flow. With the great salmon catch this year in the lake runs in the streams will come. We have not had rains enough raise stream levels so not many fish are in the tribs. but with salmon changing biologically to spawn they will run soon regardless of water levels. As for Vinnie I fished with him before he had a boat and still fish with him. He is the most fine tuned fisherman in details and observations. Listen to him.
  12. When DEC started in 1973 it was agreed on that DEC would manage and build small sites and OPR (parks) would take care of the larger sites. it is unfeasible for dec to collect launching fees on these small sites. Sites like Oak Orchard west side and Sampson on Seneca lake are parks. The public use section of DEC kept trying f or years to get a small fraction of 1% of the gas sales tax which would be more than enough to build new sites and manage all DEC sites. They may be still trying to get that money but state legislators are very stingy with money. Boat launches are not on their radar
  13. after thought about ramp. Since this in the wetland you would need a wetlands permit due to the filling. probably the biggest obstacle in this project
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