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  1. C&R? my granpappy always told me they have a better chance in the water than they do in the cooler
  2. Been praying for him right along. I'll be there
  3. Everyone in the boat during April must be wearing an approved PFD.
  4. better a cloud than a sunami
  5. Some do. Some don't
  6. ballistic wise the 7mm08 is very close to the 270 win. recoil for both is light. ammo availability is much more availale for the 270 as is selection of different brands/weight. Pa has always had rifle season and the 270 is by far the most popular. 270 in 130 grain bullet is the whitetail cartridge. Jack O'Connor would agree
  7. Hey DexWhat What a game. Are your feet back on the ground. Hopes some of their mojo rubs off on the Bruins
  8. Calfornia Highway patrol
  9. First Tebow then Payton. I heard a rumor that Big Ben wants to change the number on his jersey.
  10. When I originally reviewed the plans when working for DEC Fisheries the existing ramp was to be replaced with 2 ramps. One on the west side up near turning point with parking for 12 cars/trailers. Another was to be built on the east side on the old footprint of Stutson Street bridge and again just a few parking places. Neither are built. Rochester the biggest city on the US side of Lake Ontario and facilities for boaters least to be desired. Last winter boaters could have got out all winter. Not only contact the mayor but also The Monroe County Fishing Advisory Board. I don't have a number for them but you can get it from DEC Regional Fish Manager Web Pearsall at 226 2466
  11. Beautiful!! There's only 2 fish that can better that one. A bigger steelie or a State record King. But I may be bias
  12. The record hot summer means more heat calories in the lake which produces more lake effect snow. Tune up your snow blowers or take a contract out for plowing
  13. Yeh, I like picking on Brian. Was out yesterday. Wind was tough to control inour small boat. Managed to get a mixed bag (3rt 2 chs 1bt) on with no set pattern.
  14. Pittsburg? Pittsburg? Oh Yeah! They are the team that Tebow beat.
  15. When I worked for DEC I seem to recall about 15 yrs or so ago Canada and the US states decided not to stock any new non native species in the Great Lakes drainage. It was about the same time that the west coast salmonids got a disease not prsent in the east. Thats why we no longer get eggs from the west coast. Whether that was the reason for not stocking stripers i can't remember. It may be also they do not want to put any more strain on the forage base