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  1. Conceal carry laws are even worse for the law abiding person who wants to protect himself / herself. If you don't have a conceal carry handgun permit just try to apply for a semi auto rifle permit. you will need one if you want to buy the iconic Ruger 10/22 rifle for your child for Christmas. You might get a permit by next summer. You might get a rifle for fifty bucks at the corner. Try North Clinton ave for starts. The news laws have made it safer for people.
  2. Wow! That brings back memories. First of all Ted Cornish is the father of the Gene Cornish of the Young Rascals. my best friend and would hang around Max's talking all about fishing. this was before any Great Lakes salmonid programs. he would keep all the biggest chubs for pike ice fishing. I think that was before or early Jay-Ve tackle days on Mt hope Ave. Ahh memories
  3. It's been happening there for years. A few years ago it happened to us. someone broke in my brothers truck while we were fishing. they took a cheap pair of binoculars and the registration. Have seen several piles of glass over the years from broken windows. its so isolated unless you have a cop there full time you'll never stop it. that won't happen
  4. we have a small boat with limited space. Our hummingbird gps bit the dust. Looking at lowance Hook Reveal 5 with preloaded lakes. I need to know if that unit has LO data. Anyone know?
  5. I am always road scouting turkeys all year long. This gives me an idea where to go into the woods during april. I'm usually in the woods before light at least a dozen times in april. This gives me info on roosting areas and where they head after fly down. I never use turkey sounding calls. Occasionally I'll use a crow call. Try not to spook them. Pick days that are cool and light winds. Great time of the year to be out there and gets you pschyed up
  6. This was a weirld hunting season. I only had a few days hunting with snow on the ground. When ther is no snow on the ground hunters see fewer deer. When i did hunt on snow i saw plenty of deer and tons of tracks. No problem with deer numbers here.
  7. Great bear Matt. I hunt across the road from you. Bears have been showing up on trail cams the last few years and we've seen them up close and personal. I got a great video on my cell phone to show you from last year. It was 13 yds. It's great seeing them in the woods. Two weeks ago my brother was in his ground blind and a big bear came by him at 15 yds. Eye to eye. He said his heart was pounding. May have been your bear. I gave him a can of wasp and hornet spray to put in his blind. Anyways gratz on your trophy.
  8. Paint them over with white and go from there with the colors you want
  9. I thought the captians bought donuts for the observers
  10. I believe the Ontario biologist will be looking at and counting the pyloric caeca at the end of the stomach. During the early days of the ESLO derby the grand prize was limited to chinook salmon. A hybrid coho chinook was caught and was a possible winning fish. They brought the fish in to DEC where I was working. DEC did not want to get involved in a private contest but we did let them use our reference books to let them make a determination. I can't remember numbers but chinooks have a high number of pyloric caeca and cohos have much fewer number. The fish had a number about midway between and they determined it to be a hybrid. With that said both that fish and the one recently caught are true monsters. you never know what you're going to catch in Lake Ontario.
  11. Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence
  12. Too much easterly wind. Rough water. Lake flipping too much. Unstable conditions. Different fishing every couple days. we need a prelonged period of westerlies to stabilize the water and better catches
  13. Man thinks he is in control but forgets mother nature bats last
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