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  1. Spring's first signs

    Last week my son saw two longbeards at two locations strutting and gobbling. Oh Boy
  2. Yup. Same thing happened to Gander Mountian. After opening too many stores to fast in bad locations they thought Hilary was a sure thing. with high gun sales before the election they bought 500 million dollars worth of guns, Trump won and they couldn't make payments.
  3. Lake O Flooding

    Yes the flooding will bring more nutrients to the lake. Adding nutrients increase the bottom of he food chain and is carried up to the top predator. However I don't think the volume of nutrients in this event will add much to the large volume of Lake Ontario. Also zeebs will feed on this nutrient increase
  4. Still praying for you all along. God bless you
  5. Dead Perch in Lake Michigan

    I investigated fishkills for DEC for many years. It doesn't seem that an updwelling would be possible this time of year. The deep water temp should be 39 degrees, At this temp water is the most dense. Surface temps are very close to 39. Fish die when they experience a large change in water temp as in summer. Resulting in a drastic change in their metabolism. Also all fish species in that effected area are killed, not just one. One species usually indicates a natural mortality like a disease.
  6. Starting a charter business

    lots of good advice above. Decades ago I started stream guiding and it didn't last to long. The reason I quit could apply to chartering too. I didn't want to make my hobby my job.
  7. Catch and Release?

    C&R? my granpappy always told me they have a better chance in the water than they do in the cooler
  8. Been praying for him right along. I'll be there
  9. lake o laws

    Everyone in the boat during April must be wearing an approved PFD.
  10. Crazy clouds

    better a cloud than a sunami
  11. Hey DexWhat

    Some do. Some don't
  12. New rifle..... 7mm 08......

    ballistic wise the 7mm08 is very close to the 270 win. recoil for both is light. ammo availability is much more availale for the 270 as is selection of different brands/weight. Pa has always had rifle season and the 270 is by far the most popular. 270 in 130 grain bullet is the whitetail cartridge. Jack O'Connor would agree
  13. Hey DexWhat

    Hey DexWhat What a game. Are your feet back on the ground. Hopes some of their mojo rubs off on the Bruins
  14. Best Flashers for 2012?

    Calfornia Highway patrol
  15. Hey Fishing Again

    First Tebow then Payton. I heard a rumor that Big Ben wants to change the number on his jersey.