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  1. First time out on the big O this year. Been getting turkeys in SD. One coho on orange stick bait 14 FOW surface temp 43. Fished 7-12 Darn easwinds. But NY turkey opens tomorrow. Hot Dang!
  2. Hey Al An's boy. It sure does beat working. This is the guy who use to work for Web, now retired. I was wondering when you were going to get out fishing. You probably were running truck loads of fish around.
  3. Is this one of Al An's boys er men. This is Web's retired boy. Glad to here from you on this site. Enjoying life. Lots of turkey hunting less fishing til now.
  4. Really! I fished the shore at Russel's first lite and lost one steelie(dark). I then walked onto summerville pier (8AM) and saw 4 guys fishing - Nothing caught. Saw 5 boats on the lake. This is the last sunday in April, the weekend that the original ESLO derbies were held. There would have been many hundreds of boats out and more than a hundred anglers on the pier. I stopped turned and with atear in my eye walked off. Nothing stays the same.
  5. The Seth Green rig was used before depth finders downriggers and temp gauges. It originated on the finger lakes for lake trout. Anglers knew the fish were somewhere deep. The only way one could affectivly troll for them was to cover as most of the water column as possible. Most rigs consisted of a heavier braided line with bead swivels every 10 feet and a heavy sinker (16 oz or more) on the bottom. The line was attached to a large spool ( some used a victrola record player) and was let out by hand. 10 to 15 leaders were attched to the swivels. Lures were generally silver flutter spoons. Usually 5 spoons were used since the then Conservation Dept law was 15 hook points ie. 5 treble hooks. Inorder to use a second rig after the first rig was set, a plastic jug was attached to it and let out a hundred feet back or so. The line went back a 100feet on the surface and then down with the lures. The second was then set and left straight down from the boat. There was no real playing with fish since it was a hand line with a heavy sinker attached. The fun of the setup was to keep all the leaders from getting tangled. History class over
  6. Seneca Lake but it has to be open water. I been waiting for 25 years for the north end to freeze again. Lots of fish and big ones. Doesn't freeze much due to large size, deep and salty :?
  7. I can see that marking fish or clipping fins could be fun to some people. However when you do this you could screw up studies by DEC and OMNR by giving them false data. Keep this in mind
  8. Been doing that for decades. Remember they have a better chance to survive in the lake than they do in the cooler
  9. 6am - 11am. 80 - 110 FOW. Down 75' - 85'. 8 for 9. 7 BT, 1RT 4lbs - 8lbs. one on wire - 2 setting back 175' rest on riggers. all on spoons black with glow/lazer and green/pink. all catch and release
  10. Line counters on reels and downriggers are not accurate scientific measurers. So you're fishing and you hear a report of 4 mature kings off a plaid dipsy # 2 setting, 160 feet of wire. So you put on a plaid dipsy and set it on #2 and 160 feet of wire and nothing. So you play with it awhile and you have to let out 175 feet of wire before you connect. Now you're cooking. You set up that same rod and tackle with the same settings that YOU caught your fish and go from there. The name of the game is repeatabilty of the program that works for you.
  11. Joe' My brother was the observer in your boat yesterday that got a hook in his arm. I was fishing with Vinnie. Everything turned out fine although the hook was in a vein. The doctor said it looked nasty. He froze it and cut the hook to get it out. No stiches. We want to thank you for pulling lines early and taking him to port. We appreciate it. BTW your team members tried to enter my brother in your catch but thru him out because the hook was not in the mouth. Good luck fishing.
  12. Thanks Dave, Sorry on the delay on your reply. I was in Kentucky with some good ol boys hunting turkeys. Got two longbeards. I may take you up on your offer when you get my old but good boat in the water. If I can get myself emotionally prepared. Talk to you later. Keep his head up
  13. Yes Jerry, the one and only. Keep an eye on the lake in front of your house for us. Thanks. See ya in June
  14. Freddie from Gates, NY - between boats but next will be Steelhead'r II and trailerable. I go where the fish are. DEC fish tech soon to be retired. Been fishing in the last 6 decades. As much as I love fishing God and family comes first and turkey hunting is close behind. Love the Pro ams and I haven't missed the Niagara Pro Am since it started. "Keep his head up!"
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