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  1. Where do I begin... I've been hunting all week in Steuben County. Bow hunted for a solid week... Friday, Sat, Sun, Mon I saw many different bucks. My friends and I have a self imposed antler restriction so I let a pile of scrub bucks go...

    I did shwack a donkey doe mid week. One doe and I'm good ... Now hold off for a mature buck...

    Opener of gun season... I'm set up at the bottom of a hill... Absolutely zero deer movement.. Out of the corner of my eye I notice a dark object quartering towards me and going up the hill in a thick portion of hardwoods... I can't believe my eyes... It's a bear! I pic a sliver of an opening in front of him... As soon as black fur appears in my scope, I send it! The bear disappears behind a blow down... I don't see him leave the blow down... I keep the scope on the blow down... I notice a black paw twitching.. "He's gotta be down" I keep saying to myself... After a few combat breaths, a few whspered phone calls to my hunting buddies, and I gather up my balls and approach the blow down...

    I close the 100 yard distance in what seemed like a week... I'm not going to lie.. My knees were knocking with every deliberate step... When I'm about 50 ft from the blow down, I see the bears head... Eye open, pupil blown... He's done. Once I get around the rest of the blow down, I finally get a full view of the bruin... Holy hell he's a giant! I still cannot believe how big he is...

    He's going on the scales tomorrow!

    It took four guys, and an ATV with a winch to get him out... A day I'm not going to forget....



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  2. You guys are all correct.... Bail reform, Less is more, liberal judges.... It never ends!
    There is some major Fishing violations going on in tbe gorge right now. The DEC won't go down there to handle it. Can't say I blame them.the City of Rochester Courts won't keep felons in jail, what do you think will happen when a Snagging ticket goes in front of them?
    I went down there recently... Lots of Amish and other folks down there thinking it's 1989...
    So with all this in mind, no one should be surprised that Saiff got away with his violations yet again.

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  3. Fickle fishing continues... Large clouds of bait on the inside waters has the predators very picky on what they want to chew on.

    One day they chew the transom off... Next day the bite is a grind.

    Sunday I had a young man and his folks out. This young man is an absolute animal on the stick. With the weird bite and a short trip scheduled, an inside water grind was on the schedule. Tons of marks and bait in 100-120... Suspended, streaking in the rigs... No takers... So down go a couple hammerhead and gambler rigs... Wire diver pulling an echip fly gets crushed and the young man puts a whoopin on a mid 20s shark.

    After a half dozen or so LTs off the bottom, the big rollers took a toll on our little buddy... Still had a couple hrs left, so we went into the Bay... Nice and Calm... The youngster had a request to catch a Northern... Well, I'm not set up for that, but we will give it a try... Threw out some gawdy colored stick baits in hopes MR toothy would want to chew... After a bit of trolling, one Rigger started acting funny... Released it and it was just weight ... I think it's a weed till the head shakes... Please please please be a Northern... 20ft from boat... Holy Crap it's a walleye!!!! The young man didn't get his Northern , but he scratched off a species on his bucket list...

    Days like Sunday make ya forget those grind days... Tight lines IMG_20210725_140839_796.jpgIMG_20210725_140839_817.jpgIMG_20210725_140839_823.jpg


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  4. I was in at a training scenario at a local high school just this week.. I couldn't believe the liberal propaganda being allowed in the schools... On the walls in the hallways, in the teacher's rooms... If it were conservative view points , someone would stroke out and have it taken down immediately ( like what happened in Greece schools recently).
    How about teachers keep their opinions to themselves conservative or liberal and do your jobs... Teach the subjects and not your opinions or ideology.

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  5. This is because the County of Monroe and City of Rochester do a pi$$ poor job of promoting the fishery. Every other county around the lake does a 10x better job with promoting. All that's cared about is Jazz Fests, Clothesline arts fests, and volleyball tournaments.... It's a travesty to overlook a fantastic resource.

    Can't believe I've lived in Rochester for 25 years and am just now discovering this wonderful lake. Thanks to all those who have shared  knowledge to help rookies like me. 

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  6. Here's a hunting story.... No short version... For the last 10 days I've been down at a buddy's camp.... Been pretty slow... Saw a bunch of small bucks but nothing crazy.... Very few Does as they were herded up on the other side of the property...
    Passed on 4 bucks yesterday and one early this AM. About 815 a decent 8 walked by me super close ( I had my eyes closed so he didn't look into my soul..... He was that close). As he got by me into a thicket, I took the shot... Admittingly it was a really bad shot. Buck hunched up... Wobbled then layed down.. 30 minutes of him laying in thicket not moving, I slowly club down. As I get to the bottom rung of my stand, I hear 3 crashes in the thicket... Dang it hes still alive!.... I knew he was in trouble, so I snuck back to camp... Paced the carpets, called some lifelines to talk me off the ledge and waited for friends to get back for assistance...
    About 3 hrs later, we started the track... No blood! WTF! Found a fresh bed in snow... Then followed fresh tracks... There he is! Sitting up looking at me! As he was going to stand up I Raised up the .44 mag and let him have it.
    First shot was a deflection off a branch. Bullet went into him in front of back leg, traveled forward and got the gut and liver.
    What a week long adventure... Huge thanks to the Johnson Family for having me back down this year. Great friends... Lots of laughs... Getting a deer is a bonus1122201145.jpeg1122201144c.jpeg

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