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  1. i just got back from fishing the area for 5 days,we tried from fair haven to mexico boat launch,it took a couple days to find steady action wich was only 2 spots,9 mile point and ford shoals.ended up with 3 coho ,5 steelies a shaker king and around 40 browns to 11.6 pounds,i broke off a monster at 9 mile yesterday thats going to give me bad dreams for a while ;( it was only good in the mornings for us,around 9 am was quitting time for the fish.we were running 200 foot leads off the boards on 8#flourocarbon with smithwicks being the hot sticks.

  2. i cant defend a company that sends something different than what you ordered,the spoons look nothing like the advertisement.they said they would refund only if i sent them back,wich means i have to go to the post office and take care of all the hassle and costs wich i paid for once already.

  3. i put in an exspensive order recently and recieved the spoons yesterday,the spoons look nothing like the advertised pictures except for the colors,they are definately way overpriced ,they dont look like thier made very well,especially for 6.50 a piece.i put in a call to get it straightened out and was told to call back tomorrow,well see what happens?talk about false advertisement :roll:

  4. making a trip up in a couple weeks for browns and would like to get a king,should i concentrate on the 30-40 foot depths running lures off bottom or hit the 80 plus foot areas and run the lures around 25-35 feet.i catch plenty in late summer but cant seem to catch any in the spring,also is the pea green water more important to find than water temp?

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