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  1. Excellent job Mike, your on the list for induction into the Ancient Order Of The Society Of Pirates........see you at the Gathering February month. We will all be there, G. Man from Idaho, my Captain Mike from the Keys, Fred from Wyoming, Gabe from Michigan, the two Tylors from Arizona and Maryland, Jeff from Missouri , Max from Tyonek, all the legends, we will all be there. This will be a great time to celebrate you.


  2. I had a rough morning myself, so goes it. transistion is happening there at this lake, jiggin low light levels is the ticket. they wont chase, save your fuel and climb into the tree, they'll be there. find a small bay, warm water dropping into or off a dropoff to deeper water, the mules will be there.

    sail well.


  3. Doing well, hope your healthy and getting ready for this years eyes on the River.....with any luck, I'll see you there on the water. Its gonna be a drag having to buy a non-residents license though, but thats the way it is.

    pray for rain, this way we don't lose that first push of fish late October there.

    Saw that you took a real nice eye last year in my "secret spot".


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