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  1. I'm interested in your 2 Cannon digitroll 4 downriggers for sale.

    Do they come with a transducer?

    I will be in Mexico August 27 and have a trailer at Salmon Country.

    Would you take 750?

    I can do PP if that works...

    1. Rusty


      no transducerr      not mine..if u know capt kenny krott they are his..hes at salmon country..i dont think he'll go that low..probably 800 for both...u can call me at 484-239-4723..Rusty

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  2. how much to ship the rod holders and or do you ever get any closer to rochester?


    1. Rusty


      Give me 35 and I’ll ship to u

      u can text me at 4842394723


      i have paypal

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