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  1. I like that the DEC is making use of the great alewife hatch we had in 2020 and stocking some more kings. Always thought it was a good idea to follow the hatch instead of stocking the same amount every year. Anecdotal info but there seemed to be an insane amount of of small browns out there late season. 1-3 lb fish which I believe would be fish that were stocked in spring 2020. I think I recall they had some surplus browns in 2020 that were stocked. Looks like a lot actually made the gauntlet. I also heard there may be a shortage in 2022 due to flooding at Rome this year. Any word on that? Thanks all for sharing. Interesting stuff.
  2. Passed on this nice 8 point this morning. Something told me not to take the shot:)
  3. Tried for browns twice last week. Tons of little guys this year, 2-3 lb. Twice on Saturday we had two fish on same rod with cheaters. Really good to see. These fish would be last years stockies which I witnessed being decimated by cormorants and fisherman. Apparently quite a few made it through the gauntlet. Also, caught 3, 6-8 inch kings on Sat and a couple the week before which is equally good news. I believe these kings would be this springs stockers. All fish released unharmed. Lite bite slide diver is nice for these little guys as it actually trips the release.
  4. Not uncommon for salmon to stray. On the pacific coast, studies have shown up to 10% of a salmon population will stray up to 100 miles of their native trib. They theorize that this is a life strategy in that if their is a catastrophe at the home trib, the species can repopulate elsewhere.
  5. King Davy, Interesting on replacing domestics with more browns. Do you know how many more browns will be stocked? Although it doesn’t really matter if they stock them on a clear, calm day with cormorants around.
  6. Yes saw that. Lake rose 2.8 inch in July and now they have increased outflow. We need it to rise a foot+
  7. I image this rain is what the doctor ordered to help with water level. Weatherman saying top 10 wettest July in history.
  8. Just getting around to rigging this. Bought 65lb power pro. Is 300 yds of 65lb enough to fill a standard size reel I.e daiwa saltist 30? Or do I need to add some backing? been 15 years since I’ve rigged a slide diver:)
  9. Most spawn at age 3, some at 2 and some at 4, and some small males at 1. I don’t think they live past age 4 in L.O. Your 4 year olds are going to be the 30 plus pound fish most likely. All die after spawning.
  10. UNREEL. Got gas at Sutters a couple weeks ago and sucked up weeds. Starboard overheated on the way out. Clean my sea cocks after every trip now. Warning to everybody else. My marina is low but at least no weeds. Terrible.
  11. Does any body know what the plan is for the rest of the Summer? Are they trying to raise lake levels? Is water still going down? I’d image we would need a ton of rain right now to have any significant impact. Holding more water back is likely the only way to try and increase levels which is still a long, slow process. I’m already sucking up mud at the marina. Any lower and I’m in trouble.
  12. Like the 5.0s. Get on plane fine and don’t have to use bags to slow down enough to troll. Talked to guys with same boat with the 5.7s and they have to use bags. Looks like new valves and gasket is all I need. I think they are going to refurb the heads too. Cylinders and everything are in good shape. I really appreciate all the feedback.
  13. Looks like I may be headed towards a rebuild/remanufactured on my starboard engine. Mechanic recommends Jasper. Reviews are all over the place. Some say they used to have a lot of problems but have become much better in the past few years. Anybody have any recent experience with Jasper? Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  14. WOW. That legit could be a 50lb fish by Fall. A fish that large could easily gain another 5-10 lbs over the Summer. Don’t think I’ve ever heard of a King that big in June.
  15. Had a generator tech take a look. Ended up being two bad sensors.
  16. Gambler is right. This is what we had in the 90s. Out of Rochester and areas to the east you could get a few early kings in April and early May, but the west was where it was at for salmon numbers in the Spring. The June transition was terrible lake wide. I remember the DEC doing a check at Ibay the 2nd or 3rd week of June in the early 90s. I had caught a 26lb king that day. That was the only king they had saw that month so far. Lots of guys targeted steelhead or Lakers in June. Cowbells became really popular by the late 90s. Boats would crush 20-30 Lakers in a morn, but even that slowed down after a few years of them getting hammered on. I always went west to fish the spring LOC up until about 2015 when the salmon fishing was so good everywhere you didn’t need to travel anymore. Didn’t get too excited about Salmon fishing out of Rochester until a good thermocline set up. The 90s did produce some giant Kings though. If I recall the 1999 or 1998 fall LOC had something like 10 Kings over 40lbs. I suspect the same will happen here similar to what Lake Michigan has experienced the past couple of years with reduced stocking, a rebound of bait, somewhat lower catch rates and a return of monster kings. DEC definitely has their job cut out trying to stay ahead of the bait curve. Finding that balance between quantity and quality is always going to be a challenge for them. I always thought it would be wise to follow the bait hatch. When you have a good hatch like we have now you can get away with stocking a few more salmon the following year. If the hatch is poor you make some cuts the following year. The great bait we have now will be around for a few years and support additional kings if stocked next year. Unless we have a brutal winter, this hot spring we are having will likely produce another good hatch next year. Two great years of hatches in a row with no increase in stocking and we could be in for some slow fishing. Healthy system as far as bait populations, albeit, but catching will be tough with full belly’s and all the naturals competition for your lures. IMO Cormorants destroyed last years brown stocking and probably hurt previous years as well. Didn’t fish browns this spring but from what I’ve heard those being caught are mostly larger fish. If cormorants aren’t going to be controlled we need to figure out a better way of stocking to increase survival of browns. Such a waste of resources and money to just provide bird food. I do realize I’m being a bit of an armchair quarterback here BTW when it comes to what the DEC should and should not do with all the politics involved, resources and budgets available, etc that they have to deal with.
  17. Thanks fellas. I did some research and most likely wiring or sensor issue. I’m somewhat “mechanically challenged” and will leave it to the experts though. I have somebody looking at it this weekend but will definitely keep slowrollin in mind. Thanks again
  18. Channel 8 News doing a report at 11pm tonight on all the dead alewife. Said they are getting a lot of questions about it.
  19. Anybody know any mechanics that do generator work around Rochester? Boat is at Southpoint. Issue is that generator only runs when pre-heat button is held on. Soon as I let go it stalls. Oil recently changed and coolant is not low which can cause this issue. Most likely a sensor issue but I’m a little “mechanically challenged” when it comes to things like this.
  20. Never mind. Did you quick site search and found many folks asking same question.
  21. Placing an order with fishusa. Anybody have a good replacement hook recommendation for Nk 28s/Stingers
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