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  1. I think the later runs has more to do with evolution and natural selection. All those salmon that ran in the warm water never passed on their genes because they all died before their eggs could be collected. Remember all the floaters in late August and September? The fish that ran later when conditions were better were the ones that made it to the hatchery. Over decades the population selected for fish that ran later and likely didn’t stage as long either. I’m with yankee in that average size is probably a good indication of the bait population. Also, all these 1 and 2 year olds we had this year are absolutely going to destroy what bait we have over the next couple years. The amount of 1 yr olds was insane this year.
  2. Thought I read it on this forum somewhere. Can't find it. Maybe I imagined it:)
  3. Thought I heard water levels were going to be raised 2nd week of Oct to allow boats to be pulled. Anybody know if there is any truth to that?
  4. Was out this afternoon off Ibay and east. Temps 80-90 down now. Decent brown bite with some small salmon mixed in.
  5. Boats at Shumway for a few days. Having issues with port engine so didn’t want to run too far. Fished a couple hours in afternoon. 2 for 4. One nice king and a coho. Temp 80-90 down. 175-200 fow. Hope that helps. Back out tomorrow for tourney. Good luck to all that entered.
  6. My guess is they spread out pretty quick as soon as they hit the lake and end up in the most fertile water where that may be.
  7. Small kings were in with browns I-bay to Webster Park last September. 40-60 fow. They were in the 6 to 8 inch range. Caught a dozen or so throughout the month in that area. All released as gently as possible. Hope that helps.
  8. Last year seemed to be a good year for survival. I started catching these small kings last fall and also caught a ton of small browns. Given that last year was our peak low for king stocking numbers, logically you would think there would be less small salmon around. I feel that the environmental conditions can sometimes be more important then the number of fish stocked when it comes to overall numbers that survive. For instance, last year we had a huge crop of 2020 YOY alewife around which could have helped alleviate predation on our stocked fish by cormorants and other fish. I know in years of clear, cold water in the spring that stocked browns get pretty decimated. Anybody know preliminary results on the bait trawls from this year? Interested to see how last years YOY made out.
  9. For what it’s worth, did a maiden voyage today and fished the ponds to Braddocks for a couple hours in the afternoon. 2 in the boat. Laker and a coho, lost a another decent fish and 1 or 2 knock offs. 10 color and 3 color. Customer pink NK 28 and baby shower with gold back stinger. Fished 50-60 fow. Water looked good. Some bait on bottom. Not a lot of marks.
  10. Just want to check back and see if anybody knows of any updates on when these will be available?
  11. Any updates on when the new saltist will be available. They have been taken off fishusa
  12. Went for a hike today, Letchworth, east side. Probably saw 50 deer including two bucks still with antlers. Seems to be a good population in that area. Out during the day too and didn’t seem too troubled by human activity.
  13. I like that the DEC is making use of the great alewife hatch we had in 2020 and stocking some more kings. Always thought it was a good idea to follow the hatch instead of stocking the same amount every year. Anecdotal info but there seemed to be an insane amount of of small browns out there late season. 1-3 lb fish which I believe would be fish that were stocked in spring 2020. I think I recall they had some surplus browns in 2020 that were stocked. Looks like a lot actually made the gauntlet. I also heard there may be a shortage in 2022 due to flooding at Rome this year. Any word on that? Thanks all for sharing. Interesting stuff.
  14. Passed on this nice 8 point this morning. Something told me not to take the shot:)
  15. Tried for browns twice last week. Tons of little guys this year, 2-3 lb. Twice on Saturday we had two fish on same rod with cheaters. Really good to see. These fish would be last years stockies which I witnessed being decimated by cormorants and fisherman. Apparently quite a few made it through the gauntlet. Also, caught 3, 6-8 inch kings on Sat and a couple the week before which is equally good news. I believe these kings would be this springs stockers. All fish released unharmed. Lite bite slide diver is nice for these little guys as it actually trips the release.
  16. Not uncommon for salmon to stray. On the pacific coast, studies have shown up to 10% of a salmon population will stray up to 100 miles of their native trib. They theorize that this is a life strategy in that if their is a catastrophe at the home trib, the species can repopulate elsewhere.
  17. King Davy, Interesting on replacing domestics with more browns. Do you know how many more browns will be stocked? Although it doesn’t really matter if they stock them on a clear, calm day with cormorants around.
  18. Yes saw that. Lake rose 2.8 inch in July and now they have increased outflow. We need it to rise a foot+
  19. I image this rain is what the doctor ordered to help with water level. Weatherman saying top 10 wettest July in history.
  20. Just getting around to rigging this. Bought 65lb power pro. Is 300 yds of 65lb enough to fill a standard size reel I.e daiwa saltist 30? Or do I need to add some backing? been 15 years since I’ve rigged a slide diver:)
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