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  1. Thanks for the Info Glen, I am going to look into it some more. I can understand the transportation and lodging issue but I am going to look into the entry fees. In gambling you only pay tax of your winning against your losses provided that you can prove what your losses were.

  2. Glen,

    Were you told you could not deduct things like entry fees, dockage, and gas against your winnings?

    Take this as an example

    You fish one tournament.

    Your entry fee is $200

    You pay $100 for a dock.

    You use $100 worth of gas.

    You win $1000.

    You would have to pay tax on $1000 minus $400 in expenses which would equal to $600 in this basic example.

    You could not go over the $1000 in expenses and deduct that against regular income.

    You might be able to deduct boat and fishing equipment expenses but you would have to keep very detailed records as to how many days a year you used that equipment for fun and how many days for money. It would be a percentage basis. If you tourny fished 20% of the time then you might be able to deduct 20% of your gear expendatures but there are also other tax rules that come into play. You can never claim more of a deduction than you win if it is a hobby.

    The above is to the best of my understanding not being a CPA.

    I don't beleive you can claim those expenses incured to keep or maintain the boat unless you are using it for a business.

    Thats what I was told buy my tax guy a few years ago anyway.

    Also couldn't claim any expenses incured fishing the proams as an amature fishermen

    because they for entertainment.

    Just the winnings over $600.00 I had to claim :@


  3. Things might not be as they appear. There was a lengthy post by Has Been on here for a short time yesterday. I did not have a chance to read it but noticed it was there and later when I went to read it it was gone. I would guess it was removed by the moderators and I can say I've never seen that happen without reason.

    I have dissagreed on topics in the past here and have been a member of this board from the very begining when Capt. Steve Drave started it. I find if you have a difference of opinion you are more than welcome to discuss it and even argue it but try not to belittle or insult other people for their opinions or you got to expect some type of similar response. Then things can get ugly and unproductive. Thats when the moderators got to step in and BABY SIT. I can assure you thats not what they like to do. They do a great job here.


    My apologies to Ray if he was reacting to a deleted post that may have been inflamatory.

    Without the context of the post in question it just seemed out of place.

  4. In defense of has been. He has written nothing inflamatory in this thead and just because he has a dissenting opinion you label him a flame? You call him attention seeking but you out post him 17/1?. I have seen a lot of news groups ruined over the years because the majority opinion attacked opposition.

    back in the day "has been " would of been called a,,,,,, FLAME,,,its just a method that someone uses to keep attention focased on themselfs kinda goes against the grain on a "big" topic then sorta leaves a little dirt on the floor for a follow up bash...next he will reply with a (I didnt mean to say what I did the way i did ) I would never do "x" or "Y" .... Best thing for a "FLAME" is let it run outa fuel so ya just sorta need to Ignore him...

    RAY K.

    PS sorry so blunt Has been

  5. Thanks Ray I do understand all of that but getting back to my origonal question" what is the difference between dual freq 50/200 and dual beam 83/200 other than the 50 vs 83. Can the cones (beams) be switched between the freq or even mixed as the name dual beam refers. I'm almost thinking this is actually a marketing ploy to make you think your getting something extra by calling it a dual beam.

    My old black and white humminbird matrix 25 does all of the above. 3 different modes that I switch between with the press of a button. When it runs in the dual beam mode the electronics in the Fish finder conditions the signal. You will not get the same effect if you run 2 differnt units. I guess all fish finders are different so you have to see what is specific to the one you are looking at.

  6. The way I understand it from my Humminbird directions.

    Dual Beam, The unit has two frequencies of operation, In my case a 200khz and 83khz. Either or can be selected. The 200khz is a more narrow cone that gives greater definition of bottom structure and works better at higher speeds.

    Dual Frequency, blends the 2 frequencies together at the same time to kind of give you the best of both worlds. The electronics in the unit does the blending. You have to trust the judgment of the fishfinder to treat what your seeing as something real.

  7. Here is an interesting paper on the cost of Offshore Wind power vs Onshore. Skip all the formulas and go to the bottom of the paper where it compares a land based wind farm made up of 1.5 MW generators to a Shallow water wind farm made up of 3 MW generators and it shows the cost doubles for the off shore project. We are talking deep water wind farms which would add to the cost.


    I am not anti windpower in general but it has to be a logical part of the grid and close to cost effective. I can't see how off shore wind farms on Ontario can be feasible.

  8. There are many sections in the RFP that put the burden of environmental review on the proposers nit the NYSPA.

    " Permitting and Licensing Plan – Provide following details of Respondent’s proposed Permitting and Licensing Plan:

    a. A listing of all environmental, regulatory and other agency/municipal permits, approvals and certifications required for construction and operation of the Project(s) and the proposed schedule for securing each of the foregoing.

    b. A listing of environmental studies likely to be conducted in support of the environmental impact assessment application process.

    c. Identify the lead agency for the New York State SEQRA Process (Note – (i) the Authority will not take a lead agency role in this project; and (ii) a PPA will not be executed by the Authority until the Project has successfully completed the required environmental review and secured the requisite findings and consents) ."

    We have to make sure whomever submits a proposal will know there are many flaming hoops to jump through to get a project like this approved.

    This is some info about the review process.


  9. I have had sat radio for about 5 years. When I first got it it I thought it was the greatest. I listen to music for the most part, sometimes, business, and hockey talk. I have to admit I have been less enthusiastic since the merger of XM and Sirrius as the music programming has not been what it used to for my taste. I think my next move is to pick up a smart phone that I can stream internet radio on and then plug that into a sound system on the boat. I don't know if I can do that but Im looking into it.

  10. This is an interesting site. The Ontario Canada wind farm real output data. The wind mill on the front shows current total output for the last hour. If you go over to the right there are spread sheets that show real output since 2006. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get recent data. It shows last August was pretty good but September was not.


    The way I read the NYSPA RFP is that it is free form wide open request for fesability of putting windfarms on the lake in general. It is up to the submitters to deal with the questions that have been brought up in this fourm. The economic issues like cost/MW will certainly be addressed.

    From what I have read most off shore windfarms are in less than 100 feet of water and when you get into deep water wind farms you have a lot of added cost. The advantage for deep water windfarms in the ocean is that you get more consistant wind speeds which make up for some of the cost. Because on lake O deep water is close to shore I think that advantage goes away. The other issue is the operating conditions. Working in winter in open water under ice conditions will add to the cost.

    At this point it's just a free form RFP. Next year when and if there are submissions with real locations and numbers will be the time to go pick it apart. Any project on the great lakes is going to have a lot more than fishermen to deal with.

  11. The main thing to emphisize is that wind farms on the water are much more expensive and problematic than windfarms on the land and the harsh lake ontario environment will trash these egg beaters. This one paper says they don't even go out to work on the things unless waves are under 2.5 feet. If the towers are too close the will throw ice at each other. No one is going to work out there in the winter so if a tower goes bad you have to shut it down for months.



  12. The last two weeks of May can be really good as well as the July August dates. A lot depends on how many Coho are around but the advantage of late May fishing is it is often close to shore in 40-80 feet of water. Better King fishing in July and August but don't over look Memorial day weekend. I have caught lots of fish in mid to late May.

    Do you have a Seapro?

  13. You are not going to catch salmon on J plugs and spin docs going 3.5 mph or higher. You need some trolling/drift socks to slow the boat down and still keep your rpms up. You need to get closer to 2 mph. This time of year just after sunrise and just before sunset are the best times.

    Good Luck

    greg r

    rail bird out of oak oarchard

    Total Hits:0

    Total Boated:0

    Species Breakdown:0

    Hot Lure: none

    Trolling Speed: 3.5-3.9 had trouble going any slower without stalling

    Down Speed:didn't have my fish hawk hooked up

    Boat Depth: 20-60 fow

    Lure Depth: all over



    Well, tried Oswego again I marked several fish mostly on the bottom. I tried j-plugs and spin doctor fly combo with no luck once again for the second week in a row. I have not heard of any good run in Oswego yet but thought I would try. Does anyone have any suggestions because I'm out of them for Oswego. Is the salmon fishing done in Oswego for the year? I thought maybe this rain we had today might have triggered a run but it does not appear that way.


  14. I go out sometimes into late October. You can get some real nice flat days this time of year. The main problem is that the water temps get very consistant near shore and the fish seem to spread out. The water becomes very clear. The best time to fish is in low light conditions. I don't fish after that because I have an I/O but later some people go just outside the river mouths for steel and browns.

  15. If you are going to leave a fiberglass boat in the water make sure you have it bottom painted so figure that cost in when you buy the boat. An I/O may be less expensive than an out board to start, in the very long run it may cost more for service but that depends on how lucky you get with an out board. A brand new 250hp outboard is close to 30k alone so do your homework on the motor. Every walkaround you look at will float and you will be able to fish from it, some are made for rough duty off shore fishing but if you are buying a family boat for the finger lakes are you going out in 4 foot waves all the time? You will be able to get by with a lighter hull if you are a fair weather boater. Good luck and no matter what enjoy what you buy.

  16. No the depth chart would not do you any good with dipsy on a lead core. I would suggest running the lead core on it's own with all the colors out and a watermelon NK 28 on the end. Do you have a mono leader on the lead core/ If not put about 40 feet of mono on the end of the core and run it that way. If you go out near dusk that rig should take some hits. Good Luck

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