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  1. I just read a book that came with a boating magazine about Trailers. I don't trailer my boat very often so these comments are per this book.

    The most important thing is to make sure the trailer matches the hull. It protects the hull and maks the boat easier to drive on and off.

    Bunks vs rollers. Bunks are typically less expensive and are designed for float on float off launching. That usually requires the trailer to be backed farther in the water. Rollers are better for drive on and off. Larger heavier boats with deep v hulls are better suited for roller trailers. Most wooden hulls and ridged inflatables must have bunks for proper support.

    If you launch at a shallow ramp rollers will help you glide the boat in the water. If the ramp is steep the boat may come off too quick with rollers.

    Good Luck

  2. Congrats on the new puppy fishtails. A word to the wise. Introduce the dog to water slowly. The previous owner of my Lab tought the best way to make him swim would be to drop him off the end of a dock. Bad Idea. Not only will he not go near a large body of water he will not even go on a dock. Best way I have found is to play ball by the water then slowly toss the ball out in the water. As the dog becomes more confident swimming you can toss the ball a little farther. Have fun with her.

  3. HuntFrisco,

    My story is this. I purchased a used fishawk and put it on the boat at the begining of last season. I liked the fishhawk because I only use downtemp when I am not marking fish, so I only put the probe out when I need it. I mounted the transducer right next to the one for my fishfinder because the boat that was sitting on a trailer next to mine had one set up that way. I guess I should have asked how it worked because my down speed and temp were bouncing. I have a humminbird dual frequency fish finder and tried both frequencies but still had the problem. I discovered when I turned off my fish finder the fish hawk worked fine.

    Tim Brommund had a good suggestion, which is to mount the fish hawk transducer at an angle which should minimize interference with the fish finder. I will probably remount my transducer this spring. Sorry I don't have an exact answer but maybe someone else will jump in.

  4. I like the fish hawk but you need real good akaline batteries. The cheap heavy duty ones do not put out enough current. Also you must mount the transducer away from the fish finder. The signal of the FF can make your readings bounce all over the place.

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