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  1. I'm all set to head out of Genny for the first rip of the season Friday morning. Although it would have been a late start since I've got to get the kid on the school bus. My wonderful wife was quick to point out that the registration had expired on the boat! I spent an hour at DMV Thursday renewing the trailer registration, looks like I'll be back there again. :@

  2. Started off early, for a change, today. When we got to the lauch at Genny, a dead battery! Not being superstitous or anything, but perhaps it foreshadowed the day ahead. I made sure to charge it yesterday, but now I've got some investigative work to do.

    A big thank you to the gentleman & his family with an 18' Tracker launching next to us for letting me borrow his spare battery to get up & running. :lol:

    Well, nothing bit, not even a release. Started in close East of Summerville to Durand in about 25-30', then worked around 110-120' from Genny to I-Bay. If nothing else, it was a beautiful day for a boat ride.

  3. If you're looking for somebody local, try Dan at Adirondack Illustrations; 352-7954. The guy does great work. He does the lettering/decals for a lot of fire trucks, police cars, etc. around Monroe County. He made the name decals for my boat and did some work for my Harleyas well.

  4. I used to have a QUEG fishfinder thermometer but it quit working. I'd lower it on a rigger. I tracked down the company in NC, but they don't make them anymore. So, I bought a "Vexilar Deptherm".

    It works like this: dropped on a line, growing pressure forces water into the tube as the instrument descends. The volume of water trapped in the tube serves as a depth measurement column and is read off the side of the tube calibrated in feet. The thermometer on the other side assures close temperature readings if the instrument is left down for 30 seconds.

    General Application - Attach the Deptherm to line and let sink to bottom or any intermediate depth. Hold there for 30 seconds and return to surface. Read depth on the calibrated side at the top of the water column and temperature off the temperature plate. Invert instruments; press valve to release water. Shake until all water is out before using again.

    Downrigger Application - Clip the Deptherm Model 104 to your downrigger ball for monitoring water temperature and depth at the downrigger. When raising the ball for re-rigging, check the temperature and depth. Temperature readings on the Deptherm will not change while ball is being raised due to a delayed reaction (1 to 2 minutes).

    Check it out at: http://www.vexilar.com/products/deptherm.html

  5. Lund:

    I got back into the Lake Ontario fishing last year. I spent a whole year with nothing. Just look at the name! I followed eveyone's advice, but still couldn't hook up. The best advice I got was " ... you gotta spend time on the water...". The next thing I did was book a charter this past spring. I paid close attention, even though the fishing was tough, it paid off. The next time we went out, I finally bagged a real nice coho.

    Everybody on this message board was a lot of help. Stay tuned to it!

  6. Wasn't really planning on fishing this morning, but my 6 year old daughter asked if we could. In getting a late start, around 10:00 AM & having to be back early, we put in in Charlotte. Headed East, she hooked up with a very nice 4lb. steelhead off the boards on a gold NK28 with green & orange edges. We were in about 120ft, off Forest Lawn going 2.1 MPH on the GPS. Surface temps. were around the 50 degree range.

    After a season & a half, we finally hooked up!

    Marked some fish between 20 & 40 down over 100-120 feet, but no takers.

    Either the kid is lucky or we're starting to figure this out!

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