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  1. Trolled all over the popular areas out of clayton,6hrs on friday ,9hrs on saturday ,9hrs on sunday. Last chance this morning, we are done at noon today (Monday) fishing out of clayton. He picks lures and flat lineing distance and area to fish and we get this guy, 46". 1hr before we call it a day.  He is still pumped about it. A special thanks to Chad (Blue eye design from this forum). He got us pointed in the right direction with some great tips. My son will never forget this one and neither will I. nice healthy fish, a few pics and released. 




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  2. need some tips on install of hook 2 split shot ducer. My existing one doesn't read great at speed and will be replaceing with new fishfinder. pics are of old transducer from elite 4 unit. What map card are guys running in these units? Fishing main lake and 1000 island areas





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