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  1. I have a 1yr old Garmin 1042XSV that is like new. I am upgrading to a larger touch screen. I paid 1500$ and change when new. I am looking to get 1200$. This also has a cover that was another 25$. Call or text for pics if needed at 585-75zero-3one64

  2. I have a Maxi mate that is filled with 273 custom NK 28s. There is also 45 silver streaks in various colors. Many of these NKs never saw the market as Pat Distaffen ( the originator of NK spoon) would make custom colors for me. I am selling what I have cause of surplus. I don’t believe there is a better spoon out there. I am asking 500$ for 318 spoons and a maxi mate. Call or text 585-7fivezero-3onesix4


  3. The Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association flea market is at the port of Rochester, not sure of address. Charlotte beach park is next door. The doors will be open to venders ONLY at 7:30am on the 25th  March if interested in a table for 10$ call or text 585-75zero-316four. The hours of buying is 9am to 1pm

  4. The Lake Ontario charter boat association is having their flea market March 25 a Saturday from 9 to 1 PM. This will be at the port of Rochester.  Anyone interested in getting a table which will be $10 a table and you bring your own. Contact Bruce at 585-750-3164

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Chromeslayer said:

    Lookin to break in the new land cannon.. no wind to speak of so a good nite for some long range work.. closest id expect to see them right around the 300yd mark.. farthest bout 580yds


    What might that new land cannon might be?

  6. I tried to get some reels on LOU and i thought i was dealing with the owner of these reels and sent 600$ thru paypal. Come to find out it was not the owner. I should have been suspicious when they said they could only text. Then they tried 2 emails for paypal to send and only one worked. They wanted a confirmation pic to see i sent it, which makes sense to me. They were checking to see if it was sent and i never hear back. Then i just got a call from the owner who has no idea what i am talking about. WTF, Dirty rotten bastards that do this stuff should go to hell. If they spent their time doing something constructive they might be something. Hopefully paypal will do something to help. I have already filed the case. Just BEWARE !!!

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  7. On 11/21/2022 at 12:30 PM, Capt Vince Pierleoni said:

    There's two situations when he smiles ear to ear non stop  1) when he's taking our money at a tourney due to a high placing 2) When he's sitting in an all inclusive with his bride by his side and a drink in his hand.  All other days they come out begrudgingly.

    So true

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