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  1. This is probably just ignorance, but that never stopped me before, so here goes. So one of our wonderful government agencies decides that there should be protections placed on certain species, like cormorants and seagulls. For what purpose? It seems like both species' populations are out of control, to the point where they are causing environmental damage to other important species. Historically, were the cormorant and seagull populations ever as high as they are now, became depleted, and they are now trying to manage the populations back to previous levels, or what? I wish they would explain what their goal is by placing ridiculous protections on these birds. It doesn't take a Ph.D to know that populations out of balance with their environment can cause major harm to their surroundings. It's kind of ironic that protections are placed on these birds which have, in my opinion, minimal value to the environment, while allowing them to overpopulate and do serious damage to a resource valued in the tens of millions annually. Why are the folks responsible for these stupid migratory bird regulations placed on cormorants not addressing the issue more seriously considering the money that's involved? Typical government incompetence, inaction and pass the blame!
    They were depleted during the 60's due to DDT use.  When that stopped, the population began to rebound just like the American Eagle which has become a common sight.  When the alewife population exploded in the great lakes, the birds breeding success increased to the point where we are today.  And it was groups of various environmentalist's and nature lovers who pushed against the US F&W to stop the culling in 2016 because the birds are also included in the list of birds as part of the Migratory Bird Species Act.  Even now, as culling talk has increased and US F&W is looking into better controls, there are groups who are gearing up to stop them.
    Here is a good read to understand what you are up against with the cormorant fight.  Not saying don't take it on...but powerful groups (Audubon Society) oppose culling.  They are organized and have money for the battle.

    Once again it will take all of us to control these birds and get our fish stockings where they need to be. Whoever takes to make this happen we will find out in the near future as to who to contact. The more chatter and cackling about these issues the more we will be heard and hopefully something will happen.

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  2. I was told the  oiling of the eggs worked great on ground nests like Gallou and Stoney Islands years ago because the birds killed all the trees and they had no choice where to nest. Given the opportunity to nest high in trees like we’ve seen in Irondequoit Bay and other islands, the birds will nest there,  which makes oiling and raccoon predation impossible.
    A fire fighting boat with a high pressure water cannon would be my choice of weapon. :dance:

    Coons and hoses LMAO

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  3. Hey chuck, the thermo bar is non existent for the most part. The best you can do is look for colder water up high on your down temp, mother nature is boning us again, flat water high sun. I have not seen the cormys around recently like usual but we need to take care of that issue for sure. We are raising fish for bird feed.  Not sure where they are feeding now. Thork9, just because you saw them in the hatchery doesn't mean they were put where they should be. AlureA there is a major abundance of 1 yr alewives for sure, and you are right the lakers are taking a major hit based on the other species not available to catch. It will take all of us to speak up with these issues.

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  4. Shreckstoff bust a move offshore, top 50', bright stuff, match the size wise. I have been keeping my 25' rig at 42.5 degrees. We need more fish in this lake for sure. Less fish i have ever seen of all species in all my years.

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  5. That size bait is dead in fish bellies and on the surface. Very few big alewives in the fish. Seen smelt , perch, and those 1 yr old class of alewives. No doubt a banner year for the future. Fish numbers are way down in all species here in rochester. This is the worst i have seen in 40 yrs. Bring the numbers back.

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