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  1. This is the first time i have been on this site in 2 months and i did not know. I am very sorry to hear about rich. My condolences go out to family. He is a very strong minded man from what little i know of him. I wish nothing but the best of recovery, and a long healthy life ahead.


  2. This boat is in mint condition. It has less than 200 hours on it. Bought new in 2006 paid 25k. A 115 mercury four stroke engine. (very quiet, no smell and great gas mileage.) To many extras to list. This is a perfect all purpose boat for sking, fishing, and just cruising. Must be seen in pittsford. Call Andy anytime at; 585-967-7784. No reasonable offer refused. Asking price is 15,000.

  3. Looking for places and people to bunny hunt. Myself and my buddy have great dogs, we are running into more people then rabbits lately. If you have a good place to hunt and want to have some fun call me and we will try to set something up.

  4. Fished in front the seee both mornings for three hours. Sat i was 2 for 3, sun i was 3 for 4. All on jplugs in the upper 5 feet of water. Silver was the better color.I would then run offshore in 150 to 250 ft and and catch 2and 3year old king with steelhead as well. Sat the bite wasnt crazy 7 for 9. Sun was crazy,,,,,,, wow! My group had over 30+ bites in a little over 4 hours. Some monster steelhead were chowing big time. Black and silver stuff with alittle bit of glow on them or purple as well. 28s were the size, even though the bait in the fish were huuuugh. We released alot of of the 2yr old salmon. I also caught an atlantic and one mature king that looked like it was in july. My final trip will be on the 5th of oct. By the way some of my friends fished the river sun and went 9 for 13 on sharks.

  5. Fished in front of the seee till noon. Had 5 bites and captured 3. One was on a mag all glow nk out 3 colors. A nine foot rigger went 3 times on a wonderbread Jplug, and a five foot rigger on a perch jplug. Most of the action was before the wind started to blow 8 am. The lower part of the river is loaded with fish, but the water is to stained to fish. I hope this report is ok with everybody.

  6. Fished sat 5hr pm trip went 3 for 6 on matures in 50 to 60 ft of water in front of the genny. All fish were on sd and flies. Went out the next day thinking i would be able to fish two days in a row in the same place. WRONG!!! Warmer water moved in ,and but of course the busted a move somewhere. I went to the mouth of the genny, had 3 bites landed one, then went north to beat up the steelhead. I fished from the 21 to the 24 north line, to the 37 to the 33 west line. Silver and green spoons were the best. Thank god for all the steelheads being available,with such low salmon #s. Mondays trip i fished in tight again for a few hours caught 1 pike and lost 2 salmon, went north again to get some great steelhead action. Ended up 9 for 13 in tough water conditions. Same colors as before plus the habanero. I will be waiting for the mother lode to show up???

  7. I fished sat from russel to lighthouse with slow steady pick all the way .I never turned the boat once, until we got to the lighthouse (past braddocks). We ended up with 2 nice kings, browns, one bow and even an atlantic, my first of 08 and probably the last. Sunday sucked! We had 2 bites, both kings. Got one, lost one. It was only a half day so i fished round the genny. Black & gold whatever is the bite for me.(goby color)

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