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  1. Rather than thinking of a 2nd engine as a "kicker", think in terms of auxiliary power. The auxiliary power should be of sufficient size to maintain headway and steerage in a blow. Many a "kicker" choice is selected/sized for trolling applications (using main power for trolling in rougher conditions), but the "kicker" cannot maintain headway/steerage if the main power fails in rough conditions. Don't undersize a "backup"... 

  2. 5 hours ago, adesalvo said:

    we ended up turning around and was able to net it before it swam back down


    Be careful... in many tournaments and likely NYS waters, that might be interpreted as an illegal fish. “Landing nets may be used in completing the catch of a fish hooked by angling“. 


  3. 3 hours ago, reelintense said:



    ..... "Maybe a suggestion is a much more aligned monthly newsletter of exactly WHAT AND WHY things are done and calculated and measured and and and. Hard for humans to not question, if things aren’t articulated for why decisions may be being made. Just my humble observations.
    For what it’s worth. Thanks"





    Where is Bill Reilich on this, ??!!??  After all, he was appointed as a "voice" for the southern shoreline property owners and business interests. He should be able to provide background and timely information on IJC actions/decisions:  https://www.ijc.org/en/ijc-appoints-greece-town-supervisor-bill-reilich-its-international-lake-ontario-st-lawrence-river  



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