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  1. Quote

    You guys are right they should probably give it back to the state so it can be a s*** hole again

    Don't remember anyone saying that. Just saying the Empire Pass should be honored. Can't believe the equipment is that expensive or technical to put into place.  After all, they  spent 7.5 million to renovate Sampson (most of which was taxpayer dollars), whats another few bucks to scan an Empire Pass. 


    I have a call into Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for what its worth.


    Since the Finger Lakes Times carried the article, maybe they would be willing to ask a few questions on the fishermen's behalf.  I'll call them tomorrow.

  2. This subject may have been covered before but, Seneca Resorts will not except empire passes for launch. When I bought my pass, the Empire Pass webpage said Sampson and Seneca parks/launches excepted it (it still does). Has anyone else run into this, and what do you think? Seneca Resorts people said they don't have the "equipment" process the passes. We taxpayers paid for the launches, it's bad enough we have to pay the state anyway, now a third company wants us to pay.




    Yes, they have some money invested but they should be making it back off the slip rentals, gas, store sales, and cabin rentals. Not the boat launch.


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