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  1. 6 minutes ago, MCF said:

    I agree with the above response.  If you are doing it, keep an eye on the weather. 

    No matter what size boat that’s a given on this lake IMO....if nothing else it can get uncomfortable 

  2. Yes & no. It depends on the circumstances & what your expectations are. If your fishing inshore waters for say browns in spring Or kings in fall  I’d say absolutely, if your thinking of running 5 miles off shore for summer steelhead....that’s another story.  It’s all about you though. 

  3. Good to hear, that they at least recognize there is an issue. Some of the private launch fee prices I’ve heard are outrageously high, like they know it’s supply & demand. Which is truly sad, I’m a snow contractor & I know when we have had nasty storms (mainly buffalo) & contractors pulled that (by us) the state nailed them

    to a cross (fined the crap out of them, made them give refunds, etc). Interested to know why that isn’t the case now.

  4. My brother just had his done last winter (2016-17). I want to say it is a 1987 merc 130.  He tried Bryce all they wanted to do was install a short block.  I believe the guy that did it is in Webster, & actually rebored the cylinders, etc.  I can get all the details if you want more info.

  5. I worked at the old marina there as a kid. It depends on the height of the boat & water levels. We had 25+' boats come through (low profiles), but I don't think my 23' Striper will fit under the bridge, especially this time of the year, then in the fall you run out of water depth at the mouths of the channel. My brother lives on the pond and at times has to push his 19' with an outboard on it

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  6. We raise cows, I looked into what to do with the bones on google it said not to cook then because they get brittle, give them to dogs raw. Tge first cow we had butchered I got the knuckles, they sat in tge freezer for 6 months before I found someone that wanted them. Since then I don't bother getting dog bones.

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  7. It sounds like you guys having the problems are completly in your rights & I completly agree with you about the trespassing. When I used to hunt I was told who was allowed on the property, anyone else we were to tell to leave immidiatly or call for law enforcement, never had to. Maybe you should allow a couple good guys you know to hunt, etc, in exchange for helping post, throw out trespassers, etc. Then you might be able to enjoy the season. Just an idea. BTW I liked the chainsaw story :lol:

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