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  1. Fish hawk TD Fishhawk TD for sale used twice going to upgrade $110 obo
  2. Low and slow!
  3. 2004 Triumph $7100 2004 Triumph BT Back Troller 40 hp Mercury tiller electric start. Power trim. Bow mount trolling motor. Like new. Triumph galvanized trailer included. $7100 obo
  4. Life is too short, sleep in!
  5. Mud Chicken Bait
  6. Farm raised salmon is color enhanced through feed. Shrimp shell and crab shell is ground and added to feed to emulate their natural diet. Thats what gives them the orange flesh and why wild salmon from Alaska are Chevy orange in color. The salmon from the lake eat fish and that is why there flesh is white. They are on fact the same species of a pacific saltwater chinook and coho as Alaska. One more fact is farm raised salmon are actually highest in omega fat, more than wild so eat up! Salmon won't kill you mcdonalds will. Eat fish and love long! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Canandaigua

    I passed you in my 17ft Triumph tiller on 10-1 on the west side and gave a wave, i too had no luck and saw the same bait and marks down 60. First time for Canandaigua and got skunked. Maybe i should stick to Lake O
  8. Are you still getting the LT right on the bottom in 120 ft or do they move in as well in the fall? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Reel the dipsy to the rod tip, keep the rod up and start walking back until net guy has em. Then HIGH FIVE!
  10. It would be fun to do with cowbells for lakers!
  11. If its on video you will be in 1st for an LOC submission
  12. Beautiful Lake Trout Jim! we have a few more weeks to top it!
  13. PM sent