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  1. That's awesome!! Yes this year will go down as a record year for many folks!!! As great of a year it was for the trout and salmon this has been one of the worst for me, fishing for eyes, caught a few but not the number of other years, but the trout and other silver fish certainly made up for it. I pulled my boat last Saturday and the lake was like glass. Brought a tear to my eye to think how great of a year it was and how fast it went by. Till next year be safe and enjoy your family and holidays.

    Pap I feel the same thing about not catching any pke this year [emoji23]

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    I went to pull out the boat yesterday and decided to troll for a couple hours in the afternoon. It’s good to be out there anytime when the calm sea are waiting for you!


    Trolled in 30-69 fow in shipbuilders area. The screen showed Plenty of baits to be followed by hooks marks.


    Hit steelhead, small brown, nice coho for the grill and a good sized 2 year old salmon. All took spoons off riggers.


    This has been a fantastic fishing season especially with browns. This season goes in my book of record with many browns over 10# mark.


    Thank you Lady Lake O for sharing the nature with us.


    Till next Spring!





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