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  1. Pike Hunter: Fishing Report




    Date(s): 7-18-09

    Time on Water: 6 am - 10 am

    Temp/Weather: Cloudy

    Wind Speed/Direction:NW

    Waves: 2-3 chop

    Surface Temp: 67

    Location: East of I Bay

    LAT/LONG: (GPS Cords)




    Total Hits: 5

    Total Boated: 2

    Species Breakdown: coho and lake trout

    Hot Lure: Gator Spin doc and black/white Atomik fly, White Spindoctor with Green A-TOM-MIC Fly

    Trolling Speed: 2.5-3.2

    Down Speed: need to finish depth raider installation

    Boat Depth: 140-250

    Lure Depth: 110 to 140




    Started out in 30 to 40 FOW for Brown Trout. Many marks on screen. No dice. Pulled out and ventured to East of I Bay and set up in 140 FOW and riggers 70 and 90 and lowered both riggers as we went out to deeper water. First fish hit on 110' rigger over 180'. Drag were screaming and I had a firm hold before I gave it to my niece and she only battled the fish for a minute before she lost it.

    Second hit, 11# Lake Trout took NKB on rigger 130' down over 220 FOW. Last fish took Gator spin doc with black and white Atomik fly. The fish peeled out 150 yards in the inital run then I made sure the line was tight before my niece got to fish the fish. She made it and landed a 14# coho. It was my niece's first salmon.

    All in all, I kicked the skunk off from the boat. Hope everyone else had a great day out there.

    We were greeted by folks on the DEC Anglers Survey boat as we went into the bay and we went over the survey. I am hopeful that the results of the survey will help safeguard past, present and future efforts toward fishery in NY.

  2. Thanks for the awesome report.

    We skunked last night after fishing between 7 pm and 9:30 p.m. I did not set my riggers deep enough. Had one down 100' and the other 70' down. The deepest rigger had four hits with NK 42nd spoon but no one was home. I checked the weights after I pulled out the lines and the weight from deepst rigger felt cold while the other weight felt warm.

    I have not had any success in the past 10 days with four trips being skunked. Note to myself - finish the darn Depth Raider installation.

    I believe your 24# fish would have made it to the derby.

    Tight lines.

  3. Chris, tough day out there indeed. I went out for four hours from 6 am to 10 am and did not hook any fish.

    We started out trolling NE in 240 FOW to 450 FOW. Nada. Easy North troll on a SW windy morning but rough ride back home.

    On our return trip, I had to stop at 35 FOW to check the screen. Sure enough, there were numerous marks in front of I Bay. The surface temp was 67.3 compared to 68.5. I was thinking that the SW wind may have caused cold water to sneak in at the shore line. As I set my first line out, the rigger fired within two minutes. Nobody was home. I trolled for another half hour before my children begged me to call it quits. Saw healthy marks in between 30 and 45 FOW. Brown Trouts are out there!

    tight lines.


  4. Thanks for sharing the report about your recent catches. Very helpful.

    I am definitely hungry after reading about your recipe for the trout with a white wine.

    As we ponder through the night, I am positive we have the same question that is lingering in our minds as in the case of I Bay fishermen, where to start fishing tomorrow? 150 FOW, 200 FOW, or 300 FOW?

    Happy hooking and safe trip to you all this weekend.

  5. Stan,

    You got me thinking about the fishing equipment check list:



    spare rod...check


    I never thought a wheel barrel would be a required item for fishinng in Alaska.

    Back in 94, I had spent a whole month fishing in Alaska in Kenai River and Talkena and other places. I must go back to Alaska someday.

    Thanks for sharing these pixs.

  6. I bow to you, King of I Bay! In case if you havent painted a name on your boat, perhaps consider this one!

    My friend told me that it is a bad luck not to have a name on the boat. I need to get something painted on my little boat - only if I can find a space!

    I definitely have just made a note about the free sliders. I have used them few times this year and oh yes, thats the set up that caught us a 11 lbs Steelie back in May. Got me thinking.

    Tight lines.

  7. Awesome report. I am def envious of your recent catches. I took my niece out this morning for four hours and nada - no fish. Started in 40 FOW to 60 FOW and got one hit on NK watermelon. Lots of mark on the screen. I decided to pick up and move to 200 FOW. So much blowback on the 90' rigger. I know it is time for me to get Shark weights. Very few marks near the ball but no dice.

    Thanks again for sharing your success.

  8. Beautiful King, Tom! Way to go. Thanks for sharing.

    I have learned plenty from you. One thing stood out is that you took off at 2:30 a.m. and had your first rod in the water by four. Whoa! I thought waking up before 5 a.m. is early enough. Now you got me thinking differently.

    Also, like Mark, please help educate the LOU about the adipose fin.

  9. Pike Hunter: Fishing Report




    Date(s): 6-29-09

    Time on Water: 7 am - 11: 30 am

    Temp/Weather: 70" overcast

    Wind Speed/Direction: SW at 5 MPH

    Waves: 1 foot, calm

    Surface Temp: (68°F)

    Location: IBay - Genny

    LAT/LONG: 32-34




    Total Hits: 4

    Total Boated: 0

    Species Breakdown: nada

    Hot Lure: NK Watermelon, Monkey Puke

    Trolling Speed: 2.8 mph

    Down Speed:

    Boat Depth: 60 ft

    Lure Depth: 35 ft




    Went out with my daughter and niece from Fl. We re at it again fishing 3 mornings out of 5 days.

    Hot spoon was NK Watermelon. First hook up, I reeled in and gave it to my niece. She looked at me and said nobody was home. We were fishing 40 to 60 FOW. Found mud plume around the Genny river. Zig zagged through the green and mud line. Screen was very active. Great marks all over in the zone. Same 35" rigger fired and we kept missing the hook up. I decided to reduce the length of the lure from the ball.

    Another rod fired over 60 FOW and lure was set at 35' and 40' out. I hooked the fish and gave the rod to my niece. She fought the fish for ten minutes before the fish came on surface. I thought it was a laker but as it came close, it was a huge brown! Easily 12 to 14 lbs. I had the net in my hand and the fish was near the trolling motor. My niece could not keep the tip of the rod up. The fish shook its head and there popped out the Watermelon spoon.


    If you heard a scream over the lake, please understand that I have just lost a derby brown!

    Now, like one would tell you, you would remember the one you lost more than the one you landed. In our case, we skunked and missed netting the fish. If you re reading this, go out there tonight as the fish are there!

    tight lines.

  10. Pike Hunter : Fishing Report




    Date(s): Sunday, June 28, 2009

    Time on Water: 6:00 AM – 10:30 AM

    Temp/Weather: 80 Sunny

    Wind Speed/Direction: SW then NW

    Waves: (1 foot - Calm)

    Surface Temp: 63°F

    Location: I Bay

    LAT/LONG: (GPS Cords)




    Total Hits: 3

    Total Boated: 2

    Species Breakdown: 2 Bows

    Hot Lure: NK28 Emerald Green & Unnamed

    Trolling Speed: 2.8 mph - 3.2 mph

    Down Speed: N/A

    Boat Depth: 150 ft

    Lure Depth: 30




    My second trip with my daughter and niece from Florida. We skunked last Friday. Yet, the girls gave me another chance. Went out earlier than last Friday. Started trolling 80 FOW to 155 FOW. Ran planer board, copper and two riggers 70' and 35'. Empty screen was not exciting to watch. Saw few marks in 80 FOW and nothing in between 100' and 150'. Tried to follow the scum line.

    First 30 minutes in 90 FOW, the first fish came on NK28 Emerald Green (?) on rigger 40' down. It was my niece's first Rainbow Trout. Two hours passed by, I found another scum line in 155 FOW, a second fish came on NK (red and black with ladder tape - will look up for name) on free slider. Nice bow 6 lbs jumped in the air almost ten times! My daughter handled the rod beautifully and kept the line in the "box" and she was thrilled to land this fish.

    All in all, a very slow day. The girls are asking me to take them out for bass action in the bay.


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