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  1. This one took Orange J-12 off the board last weekend. I had posted this picture earlier in my previous posting.

    This beauty weights a little over 11 lbs on the digital scale. The belly of this fish was empty. I wonder how much more weigh will this fish gain when its belly is full in the fall. Indeed, this fish was released successfully to fight with one of you in the future.


  2. Chris -

    You did great. We could not repeat the success we had from last Saturday. Trolled from 6:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and we only landed two kings early in the morning.

    We did hit that scum line in 140 FOW and I saw the white trophy in that area- it could be the one you referred to in your report.

    I think my problem was that I did not set my riggers deep enough. Yes, I lost my copper set up last Friday - the rail mounted rod holder slid down and there goes my favorite set up. The whoe time, I wished I had spent more money on a better rod holders. Will be ordering two more copper reels from ATOMIK. Perhaps, I should look up for a Cisco rod holders system.

    Thanks again for the great report.

    Tight lines.

  3. Went out for three hours 6 am to 9 am.

    Another good fishing out in Rochester. Started on 75 fow with NW troll. Riggers 25 and 35 down. Hottest spoon nk GL 28 took six fish and orange J 12 off board took one fish. Landed 5 out of 7. Biggest steelie abt 11 lbs.

    Most activity in 130 and 155 fow. Many boats out there catching fish.

    Tight lines.

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  4. Went out this morning with my son as first mate/auto-pilot for four hours of trolling NW from Ibay then to NE.

    Riggers 30 and 60 down and 25 and 35 ft back. First bow hit on NK over 90 FOW.

    In about 140 FOW, a nice Steelie hit on J 12 Orange stickbait off board. The fish was 30 inches long yet skinny on the scale 7#. Took my boy good 20 minutes to land this beauty.

    On the way back, my son begged to take us home and there the rigger fired. King took NK BLACK MAGIC. He landed 12 # king. The other rigger fired and it was baby King. Great day with 4 for 4.

    Will post pixs today.



  5. Me skunked out last night. I did not expect bumpy conditions with 2-3 waves due to SW winds. Only saw activities on the screen in 70 to 80 FOW. Judging from the position on the screen, it seems like they were steelhead in the upper water column. Ventured out to 120 FOW - NADA. Saw a few fish on the screen as they came to check on the rigger but no bites. If I had done it again, I should have stayed where the fish were! I may go out again later tonight.

    Tight lines.

  6. Heres the photo of a bait fish that got hooked to the ATOMIK flies. This set up managed to land a fish! Not the best shot as I took it with my blackberry.


    As for going out in the boiling sea, stupidity should not be masked by bravery as experienced fishermen like you are wise to stay at the dock. I guess my stubbornness may get in the way sometimes. The last time I have done something like this, I landed solo a hefty 25# salmon in 5 plus roller. :P

  7. Went out this morning 6:30 to 9 a.m. in 3 to 5 plus foot rolling waves. Trolled north of Ibay.

    Set up with 2 riggers and one copper. Temp surface was very cold 46 all over in 80 to 100 FOW. Nothing on the screen. Rock and rolling wave made it difficult for the screen to pick up something.

    On the way back, copper line was hit by small king. Spin Doc with Atomik Flies Green Crinkle/Black. After landing the fish, much to our surprise, we found a two hooked to a trolling fly! A small smelt and a king! Will upload photo.

    After a landing the fish, it was white caps all over and we headed back.

    I am not sure if we were just foolish to head out this morning. At least we caught a fish!

  8. Great work, Chris! Its even awesome with the possible derby king you had in your box.

    I went out solo this morning trolling inside water 8 to 15 FOW for browns. Two browns came on black J-12 stick baits. Had to head back for my children's flag football game. With your confirmation that the kings are out there, indeed, I wish I had spent some time in deeper water.

    With the winds we re having now, I am doubtful about fishing for tomorrow.

    Hope things at Mayers work out.

    Tight lines.


  9. Thanks for sharing the report.

    On Sunday, we went out fishing from 6 am to 11:30 am. Started off trolling from I bay to Webster park and picked up two small cohos - 3# on black J-12 stick baits off the boards. We were fishing in 20' FOW. There were a lot of marks on the fish screen - all small fish - judging from the screen and they appeared as short black lines.

    Then we picked up everything and cruised to Genny river and landed juvenille King on black J-12 off the board in 25 FOW. I saw the first big mark on our screen after seeing many small marks. Time ran out and we had to head back by noon.

    Saw other boats in deeper water and wondered how did they do.

    Best of luck on the LOC.

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