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  1. Excellent Tackle Box Tackle Mate - can hold up to 200 plus spoons. Hard to find. $40. The Special Mate 5 inch Spoon Tackle Box is 22 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 7 inches tall. The tackle box is designed to eliminate the tangled mess that often occurs when storing spoons, spinners and lures. The tackle box has 15 dividers with 15 grooves in each divider that will hold 225 spoons, spinners or lures. Does not include lures. West Irondequoit.




  2. Your best bet would be to get electric starter and electric tilter for your kicker motor so you dont need to worry about putting up the kicker out of the water whenever you ride your boat and putting it down for trolling out in the lake. Also, be sure it has at least 6 amp alternator to constantly charge your batteries while trolling and your electronic equpment running.

    I have 15 HP Honda 4 stroke kicker 25" long shaft for my V21 Wellcraft - approximately 3,000 lbs dry weight. I could ve went with 9.9 hp however they made a very generous offer to get rid of their 15 HP for the same price as 9.9 hp.

    I had my boat rigged at Arneys Marina and I am very happy with their service.

  3. Question - how often do you replace your trolling flies? I run Atomik trolling flies.

    I ve been fishing the past week and I had very little success with getting the fish to hook up on my lures. I have seen numerous fish come to the lure but no bite.

    I am starting to wonder if I have passed the useful life of the trolling flies. I do check on the hooks and every seem to be in place. The flies seem to be a little wrinkled unlike when you first got it out of the box.

    Do you replace the trolling flies after three or five hook ups?


  4. Wow! NO Gobies is better news than catching gobies! I was asked by my buddy about the SM fishing last night and I told him that they are still there! Now with your report, I cant help but hold on to my hopes that the Smallies are still out there.

    SM fishing was my first experience fishing out of LO in 90's and it has been killer experience with 15 plus catch each time I venture out. This has all changed after the invasion of gobies in the past five years.

  5. We were just starting out of the I bay at 5 50 a.m. As I turned my head to check the land, I saw a huge thunderbolt hitting the land from the sky. I told my friend from PA that this is not good and raced back to dock against his wishes.

    YT - you got me thinking about how you landed the big fish in the midst of T storm. Then you could say to everyone, DONT DO THIS AT HOME (SEA) after you landed your LOC fish during the T storm.

  6. Oh you bet there are musky out there. About 6 years ago, I ve seen one swimming with its head above the water right inside the inlet channel. When I first saw it, I thought it was a huge log of wood floating but it turned out to be huge musky! This monster was easily over 50" and its body was as wide as three baseball bats combined together. I circled it twice with my jet ski before it decided to dive under and disappear. Unreal!

  7. CD Whip - funny thing about not signing up the LOC derby.

    Last Sunday, the guys in the boat docked next to mine had a decent sized steelhead. At first, he told me it was a king and he pulled out the fish from the box. I was puzzled because I wasn't sure if I heard him right as I was looking at a steelhead. I explained to him that kings has a dark black mouth and this is different compared to the steelhead. I asked if he was in the derby and it turned out that he did not sign up the derby. I thougth the fish was a little over 10-11 lbs and it could be on the leaderboard. This guy was already filleting the fish and I told him that he should enjoy his $100 plus dinner!

    He took the steelie on glow frog in 190 FOW off rigger 30 feet down.

  8. Short trip - went out for three hours this morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. marked some baits in 180 - 200 FOW in 20N line. Two riggers 60' and 70' down. Landed small king 9 lbs on spin doctor mt dew and crinkle green atomik fly. Two knock offs and nobody home. Saw several boats out there and wondering how others did earlier during the day.

  9. Nice going with the fishing report.

    Had no success last weekend during both a.m.with our riggers set up and one copper line. Spent most of time in 150 to 215 FOW. Did not mark anything on the screen. One of my overdue projects is setting up the depth raider. This should help me determine temp break.

    With constant s/w in the past few days, it seem to throw off fishing for most of us except the pros. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this one.

    Tight lines

  10. Bosco

    Nice job on helping your bro catch fish on your boat. Right now, I cannot post pix of the pike I caught recently due to firewall at my office. Only the big ones - 36 inches plus - I will be sure to post for all to see!

    tight lines

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