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  1. These are still available. Guys my apology I will not ship these due to the fact I don't even have a box for the size that I need. I work a lot I don't have time to run to the post office it closes before I get out of work. I would much rather have someone pick them up. For $75 it's a lot of work.

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    I would take them for $75 and pick it up from your area. Thanks.

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  2. This is a very generous post from you. I am sure you will be successful with finding like minded fishermen who share the love and passion of fishing in the lady lake O. I have similar experience of meeting up somebody new and taking them out on my boat and over the years of fishing together, we have become very good friends.


    Bless you Rob.

  3. 9 hours ago, ghostrider67 said:

    Shoot me a p.m. an I'll make you an offer.

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    This is very unusual date. First you asked me to reach out to you, now you ask me a question about how much I want to sell it to you. I am not sure what is it you are looking for.  If its the slow dance you are looking for, then I have to tell you its not gonna happen.  The simple transaction requires an offer from the buyer to the seller. Simple as that.

  4. IMG_3556.JPG



    After a lull of fishing, it was very refreshing to see the kings bite your lures again.


    Ran to front of genny river 40 fow and had a non stop action between 40 and 80 fow. Riggers down 40 and wires out 100 feet. All 7 kings and one coho were caught on j plugs. Green fire tiger and the Mt. Dew Atomik fly. Biggest king was 21#. We ended before 10 am as we will be out there again tomorrow.



    Safe fishing!



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    Rochester- pick up

    Shipping - $14. Priority mail flat rate medium box.



    Complete set of depth raider.


    I bought a factory refurbished probe with one year warranty on august 10, 2017. I lose probe once in a while. Replacement can be bought fir 150 on eBay.



    Brand new coated cable. Not sure 150 or 200'.


    Extra long connector cable with gold end from fish 307.


    Power source cable


    Display on dash.


    New9v battery


    This unit works fine. You must have a perfect connection to avoid electrical short which may reduce the functionality. I'm going to buy a blue tooth fish hawk. Selling As is, yet This is a nice unit with a practically new probe with 11 months warranty left on it.


    I just need to remove the display from the dashboard to get it ready fir shipment.



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