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  1. I go there a few times a year on business and directly across from the Fort Lauderdale Beach Park on A1A near the Bahia Mar are quite a few charters which I have taken. There are like 5-6 of them. They are around $650 plus tip. Takes about 1 hour each way and like 4 hours of fishing. My advice though is I do not book ahead anymore (and this is just me) because too many times the weather is real rough or it rains hard the time you are booked for if it is days or weeks in advance . I go on the fly because when I do I make sure the weather is nice and chances are real high that if you just show up, you are good to go- there is usually a boat ready to roll and wheel and deal.

  2. I need advice on "curing" egg sacs. I got a big freezer bag full now that I landed a nice female. I went on the net and really do not want to go through a 16 step process. So, for now, I rinsed them in a strainer and they are in the fridge keeping cool. I have so many now I would like to freeze some as there is no way I can possibly use them this year if this is even possible. So my question(s) is what do I need to buy (or make) and how do I "cure " them. I also have skien integrated in them. I know how to tie them. Alsio, I do not even know why this has to be done as fish naturally pounce on the eggs without a secret potion when they are drifting in the river so why can't I just tie them up?. So basically, what do I need to do and the easiest way and if I can freeze some for next season. Thank you in advance!

  3. Thank you for the update. That is what makes this form helpful. You just saved me a few trips to Summerville and hours of frustration. Everytime I drive across the Stutson Street Bridge (O'Rourke) lately I look north to the mouth of the Genesee and it looks brown, muddy, and dirty. Just makes it way to tough to fish there when it is that way. Probably did not help it poured rain and was cold the entire spring either.

  4. My experience says to let the fish take the frog below for a moment and then set it. Do not set it as soon as it strikes (a natural reaction) or you'll get hit in the head with your own frog or it lands in a tree behind you (been there). Keep your eyes open- nothing like watching crash, bang, wallop!

  5. Never fished them, drove by there many times, wondered about it, but will never find out. DOT slammed it shut this week. No Trespassing signs around them and emergency stopping only signs posted along the expressway. Anyone ever get anything decent out of them?

  6. Once the thick salad starts to surround the edges (and a lot of the top), it makes fishing from shore very tough. Frogging on top can be done successfully and they will scare the living crap out of you when they come up when you're not expecting it. Why do they always seem to strike when you stop reeling for a moment to scratch yourself anyway?! That will always be a mystery to me. Anyway, let them take the frog down...don't jerk like your reflex will tell you to or you will find a frog in your eyeball or tangled up in a tree! Recommend a canoe. Deeper water, you can use different bait/lures and you can frog away from the salad into open water. Poppers work great too.

  7. Went out Saturday morning to the Summerville Pier trying for some trout. 5 boats trolling the lake southeast of the tip of the pier. They quickly scattered and it was no wonder why. I did not get a bump or see a swirl nor anyone I talked to had any luck with the trout. So, when all else fails, I turned around, changed up my tackle and fished the river and landed a few smallmouth and some sheepshead. Hey...it was something anyway!

  8. First, keeping track of 177 is remarkable. After like 12 I kinda quit counting. I noticed that in the NE section, small pearch; even pretty tiny seem to rule which is consistant with 20 out of 177. I'm pretty new to ice fishing so someone let me know what typically goes on there . The water seems to be like 4 feet. I also tried south of the 104 bridge last Sunday and noticed it was like a lot slower in the deep water. Maybe it was just that day as I talked to a lot of people and got the same story. In both places I used the small minnows and just got a lot of small pearch in the NE and only 3 south of the bridge. I am thinking in the deep water some small spoon/jig action because it is deeper. So far I have only used live bait on a 1/16oz jig. I am thinking that may not be heavy enough in the deep water but worked fine in the shallow part. Someone please let me know what is a decent technique south of the bridge because this weekend I am either heading to the NE section or S of the bridge. Both require different techniques in my opinion. Thank you in advance for the help.

  9. FJ, nice fish and thanks for the Summerville update. I too go down there a lot. Went down Monday morning and all I saw was sheepshead being taken in the river. But it is nice to know that the real sportfish are there now too. Too bad the browns never really made it there in force.

  10. I'm glad you asked. I forgot that this Saturday is opening day for Walleye. You never know what you'll pull out of there anyway. I used to go down there more often until I recently read some reports on here of bullets flying, grocery carts and bikes being tossed from above, hand grenades being launched, etc...I'm surprised no one has graffittied the nice fish portrait at intersection of St. Paul & Norton. Seriously, it really is a nice spot. Nothing like standing in the river, admiring the creation, and listening to nature. Catching something is a bonus. I've never had any trouble there.

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