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  1. Don't forget to invite the Vietnamese and the Bosnians!! Hey 40 sounds like a good weekend to go to cayuga, sounds like everbody will be down to the river. I love my cayuga. limit limit limit

  2. I would agree that most people on this thread are sportsmen but I've observed alot of greedy people when the bite is hot in the spring. I think the steelheaders would agree that info is good but to much could ruin a spot!

  3. This is not Lake Ontario, a 500 yard long section of river with no stocking and 20 boats is not a good situation. Not everyone lets the breeders go! If everybody would be sportsmen and not gamehogs, it would make a big differance.

  4. You must like company in that 100 ft. of open water, or possibly you just like blowing your horn, the first nice weekend there won't be room for the poor guy that can only fish weekends!! What could you possibly do with all these limits of eaters? I hope there will be walleys left for my children to fish for!! fishdick 69

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