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  1. Get the one for USA and Canada if you fish Lake Erie or Ontario because they don't cover the lakes to the border for USA only.

    Thanks for the info guys! I went and looked at the APPs for Navionics. I see one for US and one for US & Canada. is the one including Canada any better on Lake O. I am only fishing in the US but I want to get the right one or best one.

    US 9.99

    US & Canada 14.99



  2. Great Lakes Angler Magazine is offering a show special to subscribe to their magazine or extend your current subscription. Half the subscription price collected will be donated to our Pen Rearing project.

    Prices are

    1 Year $13.00 (7 Issues)

    2 Year $25.00 (14 Issues)

    3 Year $37.00 (21 Issues)

    This is a great deal and I would like to thank Dave Mull of GLA magazine for offering it to all the LOTSA Expo participants, so don’t miss out come and see us at the LOTSA table and subscribe.

    Hank & Tim Condes

    LOTSA Olcott Pen Project Coordinators

  3. I see the black out ended on August 16th, my son caught his fish August 26th and the other person that won on the last day of the pedd also didn't get paid and no answers to emails, he gave up trying. Still no reason not to answer emails since September. You should still receive notice if you won and won't be paid, its just good business. In all fairness this is the last pedd I will be in.

    Note: why arnen't the weigh stations notified of these black out dates so fish are not weighed

  4. My son got the biggest fish on 8/14/2011(correction: the date is 8/26/2011) and hasn’t been paid, we can’t seem to get any replies from emails off their website. I know of another person that hasn’t been paid also. Is their any one else that didn’t get paid that was in the pay every day derby or know why they don’t answer any emails. Not a good way to do business.

  5. If you would like information on the LOTSA Olcott Pen Project and help out please join our mailing list. All I need is your first and last name and email address and you will be kept up to date on the Project. Send to [email protected]. I will be sending an email out as to when we will be receiving the little guys. Thanks

    Hank & Tim Condes

    LOTSA Olcott Pen Project Coordinators


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