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  1. I got spooled right in that area 2 years ago in the fall.... i figured it was the biggest king I ever had on the line, or it was a Russian Sub.  Maybe door #3 was your snag.  If Jigstick scuba dives it, grab my Mtn. Dew Spin Dr. while you're down there!

  2. TLox......I think a with all the new boats being added to the fleet ( ie Reel Diel , Mmmevy , & Friends) wouldnt it be fun to have a few friendly competitions ......kicking around a possible fishing league?????no different than bowling.....softball.....without the pulled hammys...lol....what do you think? Just remember if its a league your obligated.....


    I think you're onto something here... add a Saturday derby into this, and its much easier on the hammy!

  3. Honestly, I think the only true advantage a "pro" has when going up against a well-rigged amateur is time on the water.  If you're like me, and usually only have time to get out once a week, there's not much pre-fishing available and its more about the current conditions and where the fish are.  If you get on fish and know what you are doing with your presentation, it's anyone's game.  The pro's just have a lot more seat time to know exactly where the bite is going on. 

  4. A few logistic issues kept us off the water until this past Saturday, but it was a great first outing. 

     We set up just east of the red can in about 190 FOW and rigged from there.  The early morning bite was fast and furious, boating 5 kings the first hour, with the largest being 14 lbs.


    Most fish came in 210 - 225 FOW, and mostly on the riggers.  The dipseys never fired all day.  The 10 color core took a few shots as well pulling NK 28 black and silver.

    By far the best producing setup on the day was running an MC Rocket behind an 11" paddle.  I only had 2 of these on board as I just ordered 2 from Fat Nancys to see if they worked... i'm a believer now.  The rocket produced 8 fish for us on the day, including a very nice, very angry king that weighed in just under 25 lbs that took about 15 minutes to bring in.  85 down was the magic depth for this one.


    All in all, we ended the morning 13-18.


    Wish this fish came two weeks earlier



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