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  1. Decided to make my last trip of the season a little closer to home after fishing the big lake in July and August.


    Launched at 6:30 and set lines about 7. Worked a 6 rod spread from 80-200 fow and marked fish with intermittent bait the whole way. Other than a smallie that hit a free sliding needle fish, we didn't get a touch.


    We pulled lines at 10:30 and had BIG lampreys on all three of my downrigger balls. See ya in the spring!20200919_103939.jpeg20200919_103742.jpeg20200919_085511.jpeg


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  2. 6 hours ago, Reel Doc said:

    Nice Brown, I'm envious as Cayuga Browns have been avoiding me for a long time now. Glad to see you get some action as I saw you suffered through a long weekend at the Trout Derby on Seneca.  The lake seems to be in a very good place right now so hopefully the great fishing will continue.

    Thanks Doc.  That was the biggest brown I've caught in Cayuga to date.  I put it back quick and it swam immediately with a lot of energy so hopefully someone else gets to enjoy that one some day.  It hit a UV green gator stinger off the rigger parked near the bottom in about 20 fow.  The browns I've caught in the fingerlakes have been in tight and early in the am.


    I've been fishing the NLTD with my dad for about 40 years (missed a few when we moved to Denver my Junior year of high school).  Even though fishing is tough, we enjoy the 'guys weekend'.  A lot of talk about life takes place on the boat!  Fish were there, they just weren't chewing.  I have a theory that it was pressure (barometric) related.  Those that fished Sunday night slammed em.


    Anyways. I love this forum, good group of guys who help each other enjoy what we're all passionate about!

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    Finally hit Cayuga up out of Dean's with the Harding family aboard. I used to work with Curt & Jordan and we ran into another retired coworker at the dock...small world! Jordan brought along his daughter who caught a nice brown to start our day.


    We started in skinny with 3 riggers, 4 top lines, and 2 short cores. Riggers took all fish through the day. We slid out to 100 fow as the sun came up and picked lakers 60 down and on the bottom. Fished from 6:30-12-30 and finished 8/9 (lost a heavy fish on the cowbells when a rod was handed off). Stinger uv Green gator, stinger yellow killer, and water melon bells were the ticket for us.


    I know others were complaining of a slow day, but I'll take a slow day on Cayuga any day!


    Tight lines to all!




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