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  1. For Sale: (3) Shimano Tekota reels rigged with copper.  All reels have some scratches from riding on the boat floor to and from the launch. All reels are fully functional and have been used 2-3 times per season and have not seen the boat this year so it time for them to go.  Cash or money order only.  Buyer to pay shipping or reels can be picked up on weekends in Fair Haven, NY.  Reels can also be delivered to the ELOSTA picnic on Saturday.


    Shimano Tekota 800 with 400' of 45# Atomik copper and 50# Power Pro backing.  $150.00


    Shimano Tekota 800 with 600' of Blood Run Lite Copper and 50# Power Pro backing.  $150.00



    Shimano Tekota 700 with 350' of 45# Atomik copper and 30# Fireline backing. $130.00


  2. Has anyone upgraded there Daiwa Saltist drags to the drags offered by Tuna Tom? I tried doing a search but it returned no results. Just curious as I am going to send my reels out for cleaning and general maintenance and it was noted in the email that there is a drag upgrade for the Saltist. At this time, I am very happy with the existing drags, just curious if the upgrade is worth the little bit of money. Im a firm believer in, if its not broke, dont fix it... but may try the upgraded drags.  Thanks for the opinions.

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