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  1. Scotty always offer a excellent service but be aware that they can refuse to honor warranty if you don't have any proof of purchase but they rarely use those rule; it's clearly written on the warranty . One of the best company to do business with.
  2. Crestliner Sportfish 1950

    Mercury Verado 175

    Mercury 9.9 Pro-Kicker

    MotorGuide Xi5 with gateway 

    3 HDS Live12"

    Autopilot Lowrance NAC-1

    Active target

    3 in 1 transducer

    Airmar TM-165

    Fishawk X4

    Lowrance-Simrad prostaff

  3. I don't have many on this tablet and they are mostly with the tm150
  4. I don't have many screen captures on my tablet but the 1st one is with a tm150
  5. I just try to get something in Fair Haven state park and it open only May19th this year
  6. Yes it can be done between a 3 and a 2 by nmea 2000 and if you want to share more you will need a ethernet cable. The problem is if you want to use more then 1 transducer and share those between the 2 units. But if you can fine a Gen3 it will makes things smoother. Gen2 are quite old and you can find some good deals on Gen3
  7. I answer tour question but to be more specific : workd in any brand except Garmin and certain older unit that were using card not larger then 2 Gig. Just tell in what you want to use and the crickets will stop. The crickets are on your side. And if you want to search by yourself this is the official compatibility list from Navionics: https://www.navionics.com/media/wysiwyg/docs/Compatibility_Guides/GPS_Plotter_Cards_Compatibility_Guide_FR.pdf
  8. As mentionne it's compatible with every model and brands except the Garmin that are use Garmin map only
  9. I'm getting my booster next Thursday (pfizer). The only side effect I had with the other was a sore arm.
  10. Yep me and my friend we spent a lot of work, many hours specially on the fitting of the helm pump for the autopilot; the way the dash is mold was the problem. Everything works perfectly. I'm looking forward to fish for those browns next spring, keeping my fingers cross with the border that stay opend.
  11. Yes it does turn or spin. I really like it. It's compact and takes many rods.
  12. Compatible with: HDS Live, Carbon and Elite Ti2, Elite FS. Hook Reveal Tripleshot (with adapter), Simrad EVO3 and GO Excellent transducer
  13. To use a blue (7 pins) connector to a black (9 pins) connector you need the adaptor cable part #: 000-12572-001 You can't use the blue connector directly to the Elite
  14. Comes with a better transducer a 3 in 1. But they may sold it all
  15. There is some excellent deal on some Lowrance units at Walmart and more specifically on the 12" and the 9" Elite Ti-2 Be aware that the Ti-2 is not compatible with the autopilot https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lowrance-Elite-12-Ti2-FishFinder-Active-Imaging-3-in-1-Preloaded-C-MAP-US-Inland-Mapping/179481355?athbdg=L1800
  16. I was just about to raise that; there is no possibility on running a autopilot with a IPad only on another Lowrance or Simrad link by NMEA2000
  17. Great news from our friends at Scotty Fishing Products. For boat owners who have rails or tracks like Princecraft, Lund, Crestliner and Tracker. With the lockable rod holder you can use all Scotty accessories without having to drill holes. Scotty a company that listen to fishermen and boaters. Available soon
  18. Finally the terrestrial border will opend for the non-essential travel, so we (Canadians) will be able fishing for browns next spring and finally I will be able to access my camp on lake Champlain.
  19. I have 3 new brackets (supports) for some Crestliner boat. I want $125 US+ shipping Dim are shown on the pics
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